Big Rigs Causing Big Headaches for Some Residents

By Emily Aguilar

Ontario/Eastvale – For the past few months, Ontario and Eastvale neighborhoods have had to deal with the disruptive presence of Jauregui Trucking semi-trucks passing through Sumner and Bellgrave.

The disruption has ruined the calm serenity of the neighborhood to the point where some citizens have expressed that they need ear plugs to silence the trucks bothersome work (which starts as early as 4 in the morning). Worst of all, this trucking operation is allegedly illegal.

As a result of Edison and Haven being closed off, the trucks have no choice but to drive through Sumner to Limonite or Bellgrave to Hamner. The trucks do not have a permit to drive through the area; there is even a sign erected on Hamner that specifically prohibits trucks from passing through, but it has not been enough to stop them.

Luckily, Kenneth Cheung and Kyle Vander Hill have initiated a plan to bring an end to the trucking.

Through various meetings and emails, the men have attempted to find a solution to the problem. After filing a complaint to the Code Enforcement in Ontario, speaking to Eastvale city council officials, and exchanging emails with Donna McKnight in Ontario and Joe Indrawan of Eastvale, the men were met with little change. Donna McKnight issued a Stop Notice to Jauregui Trucking. Cheung has also ordered signs to be set up in order to guide trucks where they should and should not drive. However, according to them, nothing has come of the matter.

To make matters more difficult, Motor Officer Scott Forbes looked into the legality of issuing tickets to the truck drivers and stated that the trucks might have a right to drive through Bellgrave. Of course, this only to some extent; they are not permitted to drive through the trucking yard.

Both men, as well as their neighbors, believe the truckers have failed to show respect in the situation, and are “getting away” with the fact that they know they “can’t be touched by the police.”

While the matter is frustrating, the men are nevertheless determined to restore peace in their neighborhood. At present, Cheung is looking forward to speaking to McKnight and Indrawan in order to set up necessary signs for the semi-trucks.