Straight Talk

I went to a family reunion at my cousin’s house last year and my camera was missing from the table I was sitting at- A letter from Stacy L.

Danice Akiyoshi

Danice Akiyoshi

By Danice Akiyoshi N.D.

Q: I asked my cousin to ask everyone if it got mixed in with their belongings accidently and she said she would send a group e mail.  She said no one responded and I was disappointed because I had tons of important pictures stored in that camera that I hated to lose.  Yesterday, I saw that my cousin was at Disneyland because she posted pictures on social media.   I was mad when I saw my exact camera with a pink and white polka dot case in her hand in one of the pictures.  She lied to me.  I want my pictures back so I plan to confront her and ask for my camera back.  My mom said I might be mistaken and that I shouldn’t confront her.  She said it will cause a fight between our two families and I should not bring it up.  I disagree.



A: I disagree with your mom.  Call your cousin and politely mention that you noticed a camera that looked exactly like yours in her social media photo.  Ask her if she found it after all but just forgot who it belonged to.  If she says it’s hers, I doubt there’s much you can do unless you’re willing for things to get ugly.  Only you can decide how far you want to take it at that point.  This is a tough situation.




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