A Beautiful Drive

By Pastor Mark Hopper

The recent rains in Southern California have promoted a lot of interesting conversations.  People who enjoy winter sports have loved the record amount of snow fall.  Recently, I heard someone say that ski resorts may remain open until the 4th of July!

The rains have produced lush green hillsides in our communities.  Since we live in an arid environment, we expect to see hillsides that are brown and barren.  But not this year.  The hills are covered with lush, dark green grass and other vegetation.

One of the unexpected results of our recent rain are the beautiful wild flowers that are covering the desert landscape.  I have heard in the news that places Palm Spings and Borego Springs are covered with wild flowers.

Last week my son and I drove to Arizona during his spring break.  We wanted to see a Major League Baseball spring training game.  As we drove across the California and Arizona desert we were amazed to see beautiful wild flowers.

The highways were lined with bright yellow flowers and many hillsides were also covered, too.  The hillsides that faced South seemed to have an abundance of flowers of every color.

Who would expect to see this kind of beauty in the middle of the dessert?  How can you explain that a desert could produce this kind of abundant beauty?

A familiar phrase says, “April showers bring May flowers.”  But this year I think we could say that “Winter showers bring indescribable color to unexpected places.”  Not only are the hills alive with color, but so is the barren desert too!

Let me encourage you to take a ride and see this remarkable beauty before it is too late.  Why not visit a desert near you this week and see the beauty that is the product of our abundant rainfall this year.

You will be glad you did!

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