Eastvale Families Sue For Crash On Pine; City Allocates $250,000 For Defense

By Michael Armijo

Chino –The City of Chino has allocated $250,000 to defend itself from a lawsuit for a fiery crash on Pine Avenue that occurred in Oct. of 2014.

The accident, which took place on the 7600 block of Pine Avenue near the California Institute for Women near the Meadow Square Apartments, took the lives of three teenagers who lived in the neighboring city of Eastvale.

The families of the three people killed filed the suit in Dec. 2015 citing that the city allowed dangerous conditions on Pine Avenue that resulted in the crash. Of the many allegations, the families claimed the city failed to warn drivers of the dangerous conditions and failed to maintain a safe shoulder or clear zone near the curve.

The first $100,000 was authorized by in June last year. The additional $150,000 was approved last month. According to local reports the funds will be used to create a defense for the rest of the year.

The suit filed by the families did not ask for a specific amount for damages for the deaths of Andrew Deleon, Alex Horta, and Nathan Dominguez, all 19 years of age from Eastvale. The three were in a 2000 Chevy pickup traveling westbound on Pine when it crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with a 2013 Honda Accord traveling the opposite way.