Soul Food

EV - Rob NorrisOh, how I love your teachings! I talk about them all the time. Psalm 119:97

By Rob Norris

We’re all familiar with the nutritional listings on food and beverage packages. Most of us are interested in total calories per serving, especially calories coming from good or bad fat, as well as readings on carbohydrates, sugar and sodium. But while these government-regulated fact lists work well for food required by our physical body, what if a similar kind of list were available to help us evaluate the spiritual content of the products we consume?

What if every TV program, magazine, book, DVD or CD revealed the “recommended daily allowance” of the spiritual necessities it provided–things like holiness, truth, forgiveness, perseverance, grace, justice and repentance? How many of them, rather than supplying anything we need, would be shown to actually deplete us, stripping away whatever spiritual health we already have?

But there is one product–the Bible–that is guaranteed to provide everyone in your family with the perfect blend of spiritual nourishment. Whether packaged in cheap paper or top-grain leather, the Bible comes complete with “everything required for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3, NIV).

Although most Christians today express a deep fondness for the Scriptures, they are apparently failing to feast on it. Noted researcher George Barna has reported that fewer than 4 in 10 Christians read the Bible on their own even once in a typical week. A survey conducted in churches throughout the United States found that two-thirds of couples read or discussed the Bible together but only occasionally.

If you want a spiritually healthy family, you must make sure that each member consumes a healthy diet of the everlasting Word of God. It’s the difference between a healthy spiritual life and lifelessness.

Live it:
What distractions are keeping the Bible central in your family’s life? What are we saying when we let other things take prominence over the Scriptures?


Pray for daily consumption of the Word, it’s food for the soul.


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