Remember You Are Dust And To Dust You Shall Return

EV - Father PatrickBy Fr. Patrick Kirsch

“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”  This admonition, graphically emphasized by the imposition of Ashes on our foreheads, sets the theme of Lent reminding us of our mortality and that one day we will go home to our Creator.  Just as God originally made humanity in grace, finding his creation “very good” we are called to conversion and to return to God in that same goodness.  Although sinners, we are able to regain that state of grace as we prepare for the Paschal Mystery by turning to God for help, asking him to cleanse us of our iniquities and renew within us a steadfast spirit.

LENT:  A LIST OF “GIVE UPS.” Give up Bitterness; Turn to Forgiveness, Give up Hatred; Return Good for Evil, Give up Negativism; Be Positive, Give up Pessimism; Be an Optimist, Give up Complaining; Be Grateful, Give up Harsh Judgments; Think Kind Thoughts, Give up Worry; Trust Divine Providence, Give up Discouragement; Be full of Hope, Give up Anger; Be more Patient, Give up Pettiness; Be more Mature, Give up Gloom; Enjoy the Beauty around you, Give up Jealousy; Pray for Trust, Give up Gossiping; Control your Thoughts, Give up Sin; Turn to Virtue.


Blessed Oscar Romero:

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