Divorce? Don’t Self-Destruct. Get A Good Attorney

By Marissa Mitchell

Chino Hills – Going through a difficult time with family affairs? Sometimes, altering one’s circumstances in life requires legal help. At the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, Esquire Mitchell provides legal services in the areas of family law, divorce, paternity, conservatorships, guardianships, and living trusts.

At the Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell, the philosophy focuses on client support and structure during all stages. It is vital that clients become familiar with and aware of the court process, and, most especially, the particulars of any and all court processes regarding their case, during their time seeking legal action.

Customers continue to seek out services with Attorney Mitchell precisely because of her known reputation to fight for her clients. She always provides aggressive representation in protection of clients’ rights, no matter how daunting the odds may seem. “I enjoy using my skills and knowledge to protect the rights of all persons,” declared Ms. Mitchell. She does so both in and out of the courtroom.

Ms. Mitchell provides novel ways of integrating technology and communication in her firm so that no client slips through the cracks. To this end, she has stated, “I want there always to be an open line of communication between myself and my clients. I have a cell phone specifically for my clients to reach me via text at any time.” This allows constant attorney-client access for emergency-type situations, just alleviating the client of panic in any period of panic.

Family law is rarely pleasant, but it is very doable. With Attorney Rossana Mitchell’s guidance, your family law or legal trust need not be what can feel like an unbearable burden. Let someone else help you along the way, and you will have the assurance of both guidance and legal protection.

Law Offices of Rossana Mitchell is located in The Courts of Chino Hills next to Citi Bank: 14780 Pipeline Ave., Suite A, Chino Hills, CA 91709. Ms. Mitchell has had over 20 years of experience. She received her Bachelor’s in Social Ecology from U.C. Irvine, and her Juris Doctorate from Western State College Law.