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Danice Akiyoshi

Danice Akiyoshi

Dear Danice Akiyoshi,

My father has a terminal illness that he is in denial about.  He has asked me to take him house hunting close to the beach so he can have a better yard to enjoy the sun.  He is frail and weak and I’m not sure that he can survive the move or get used to a new neighborhood.  He sleeps a lot so I’m not sure when he’s planning on enjoying this new yard that he talks about.  He would also be moving away from his health providers which he says he hates.  None of this is logical to me, but I want him to be happy.  Please help.



Hi Bob,

Sometimes when people are faced with a difficult diagnosis they try to become involved in things that give them the impression that they are still involved in the process of life and true living.  Do you think you could provide these feelings for your dad if you spent some days at the beach or in the mountains or even in the desert?  We have so many wonderful locations in our area that help people feel like they’re on a true get away.  The week end cruises might be a good idea too. Remind him that moving has far too many nasty tasks involved and that having fun and enjoying the nice weather is a possibility without the hardships of moving.  I hope you find a way to enjoy this time together.

Danice Akiyoshi

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