Emotional Instability

By Michael Armijo


The other day I sat above the Tavern, where my counseling sessions are held, and again I have found useful knowledge. 

Like-kind quality people love the familiarity of others who match their emotional state. Subconsciously we seek out others who are feeling the same and having the same issues. In essence, they look for themselves. 

I know I’ve had a lot of emotion come my way lately in many different forms. 

From the standpoint of companionship, health, family, and recently the death of my mother, my emotions have been on a wild ride similar to an out of control rollercoaster. So I’ve found others who are also on this same ride and we hang on together. Consulting one another, giving each other free, bad advice. 

This is why I believe we need to seek out our emotions, discuss them, filtering out what’s relevant and what’s unnecessary. It’s our civic duty to force ourselves out of the darkness and into a brighter life.  

So just as the sun tries to burn it’s way through a cloud of sense fog, so must we. We need to continue to try to be an energy source to one another as we continue this realm of our lives. Because we may not always be aware of our journeys, as we sometimes  subconsciously seek and find our emotional instabilities.

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