By Sarah Sanchez 


My to do list keeps on growing

So much to do, people to see

My life is one big schedule

Penciling in the places to be


I drive as my mind is spinning

Same route, another day

Home already? How did I get here?

I’m on autopilot, as they say


Just going through the motions

Living the routine that life will bring

Tired from the lack of sleep

Really, I’m tired from everything


I see that your lips are moving

But I can’t hear what you’re saying

I smile and nod like a robot

As my mind just keeps replaying


All the errands, events, and tasks

There’s always so much to do

My body is physically here

But mentally, I can’t pull through


I watch as the days go by

Reality seems like a haze

Where is the manual switch?

Time to leave these autopilot days


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