Get ROOTED with Shannon Scheller

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & HoliRooted Wellness Founder, Shannon Scheller.
Photo Courtesy: MaxLove

Staff Reports

Shannon Scheller is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and she is the founder of HoliRooted Wellness.  Shannon’s goal as a NTP is to help educate you on the simple changes you can make in your life that will affect the health of you and your family.  She strives to help you reduce your toxic load in daily products and food, as well as restore proper function within your body.  Shannon can help you and your family get ROOTED in a holistic approach to fuel your body for battle and support optimal levels of vitality. 

“I am passionate about empowering others with education about the simple changes you can make to improve cellular function, create a healthy home environment, and help your family thrive!” says Scheller. 

Shannon’s desire to help others started when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  “When my daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago, I felt powerless as the Doctors told me there was nothing I could do and that every calorie is a GOOD calorie.  My mommy powers were completely gone until I focused on nutrition and overall wellness,” said Scheller.  “She thrived through treatment due to supporting proper cellular function and reducing toxic load.”  Now, Shannon is happy to report that her daughter is 1 ½ years cancer free! 

After her daughter’s treatment, Shannon completed her education to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and she continues to stay informed of new research to this day.  She wants to educate and empower others to take their health back.  “Every calorie DOES matter, let me teach you why!” says Scheller.  

Booking a Nutritional Therapy Consultation with Shannon will allow you to receive a health history analysis, a 3-day food and mood journal evaluation, a signs and symptoms analysis and 2 support calls to walk you through this journey.  “Together we map out a plan of lifestyle and dietary recommendations that will support the overall function and health of your body,” said Scheller. 

However, Nutritional Therapy is more than learning how to eat healthy.  “I address your top health concerns by looking into nutritional deficiencies, dysfunction or any imbalance you may have.  You are individually unique even down to your microbiome,” says Scheller. 

Shannon will do a deep investigation into your signs and symptoms to help her understand the healing nutrients you need.  “This will allow us to get to the ROOT cause,” Scheller said. 

“I also love to empower and educate on all things holistic,” added Scheller.  Shannon is passionate about educating on nutrition, essential oils, detoxification methods, and especially how to reduce the toxins within your home.  “These are my driving force!  Let me teach you how to create a life of vitality!” said Scheller.  

Visit today to sign up for an amazing deal on a Nutritional Therapy Consultation.  However, on top of that already great deal, Shannon is offering an even BIGGER discount for a limited time only.  Get 30% off when you type in the code ROOTED30. 

Shannon’s website also includes a link to her blog, where you can read the following articles: Healthy Holiday Gift Guide; How to Support Healthy Breast Tissue; and How to Support Someone Whose Child Was Just Diagnosed With Cancer.