In-N-Out Coming to Eastvale

By Jaelyn Fudge

Eastvale – The city of Eastvale is proud to announce that, after years of consideration, the popular fast food restaurant, In-N-Out, is finally arriving in Eastvale. The renowned burger establishment is expected to be 3,880 square feet and accommodate approximately up to 133 indoor and outdoor guests, with the inclusion of a sizable drive thru- lane. This new addition is expected to be located in the Goodman Commerce Center at the southeast corner of Hamner Avenue and Cantu Galleano Ranch Road; near the newly anticipated Costco warehouse store that’s currently under construction. (Scheduled to open June 30)  Although no further information has been released regarding when In-N-Out is expected to open, the citizens and community members of Eastvale are definitely anticipating this new addition. “This is big news for our community, and we’re all excited that In-N-Out has chosen to open a new location in our young and growing community.” Eastvale Mayor Clint Lorimore comments. In the past, it’s been believed that In-N-Out was reluctant to establish itself in the city of Eastvale, as there once wasn’t enough office buildings therefore not enough lunch business. However, with a trend of food and retail chains recently establishing themselves within the once small community of Eastvale, the addition of an In-N-Out is a reflection of the growth and prosperity of the city over the years. While this news has sparked excitement for all local residents, students within the community are equally enthused as well. “When I heard In-N-Out was coming to Eastvale I became really excited because I’ve always had to travel to other In-N-Out locations in Rancho or Norco, which are already crowded enough as it is. So this news is definitely refreshing to hear, I think this new addition will make things more convenient for citizens that desire to eat there.” Eleanor Roosevelt student Kevin Ta states. While the news of this recent development seemingly excites local community members, the establishment of this food chain is significant as it previews what is expected to follow in the up and coming Goodman Commerce Center. Future buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and possibly a multi-story hotel are expected to be included within the vicinity as time progresses. These new establishments are not only exciting for the community, but also have a positive effect upon Eastvale’s local economy, and are also expected to usher in jobs which will provide ample employment opportunities for its citizens.