Just A Little Girl

Photo Courtesy: Skitterphoto.com

By Anthony Saude

She wasn’t from around here, here she didn’t know anybody or even speak the language, but here is where she was to stay. Her feelings or opinion about the situation were negligible at best, after all she was just a little girl and kids get over it.

Life hadn’t been easy for her; it had been a very long 11 years. Not to worry, she is resilient; after all she is just a little girl. She had grown up without her father; he took his own life when she was very young. It is a good thing that she was just a little girl, she will get over it. The grown- ups make promises of a better life, in a better place, it will be fine she is just a little girl.

She has a new father now and things seem to be moving towards the promises the grown-ups made, hope is something she can believe in now. Tragedy strikes again and she loses another father in her life to death. She is young still, practically a little girl; she has her whole life ahead of her, she will be fine. The story is much longer but she was never the same and she isn’t a little girl anymore.

She was born in a land she knew, had a lot of friends and family loving on her since the day she was born. Life hadn’t been hard for her but her parents did divorce when she was young, not to worry though she was still just a little girl, it would be fine. Her mother remarried, not to worry she will get used to him, after all she is just a little girl. She isn’t fine, they aren’t fine, and they are no longer just little girls.

Life isn’t perfect they know this but does it have to be so overwhelming at times. How did she get here they sometimes wonder together silently in their own heads. The little girl from the distant land looks at the little girl from this land and gives thanks to the heavens for her daughter and her life. The little girl from this land is just thankful that the little girl from another land is her Mommy.