Tips to Stay Safe in Summer Weather

By StatePoint


Getting outdoors this summer? Keep in mind that weather patterns can be extreme at this time of year, introducing new safety hazards. Get weather-ready in the following ways.


Prepare for the Heat


When planning a day outdoors, most people pack items such as sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. However, summer heat can be dangerous if you’re not prepared, so consider the following: make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning is in good working order well before a trip, have a rain umbrella on hand to shield you from the sun, as well as frozen water bottles and instant cold packs that can help cool you down quickly. Lastly, make sure you have plenty of water on hand when traveling with pets, and be sure to keep them out of unattended cars where temperatures can quickly reach fatal levels.


Know What’s Coming


Before heading to the pool or packing that picnic lunch, check the weather report to make smart decisions about where the day will carry you. For 24/7 access to accurate weather information, you can keep the world’s largest, fastest-growing and most trusted provider of weather forecasts and warnings at your fingertips with the AccuWeather app for your mobile device.


Available on iOS and Android, the app can help users prepare for intense heat, lightning, beach hazards and flooding prior to summer travel, events and activities. It also provides access to educational resources on the health impacts of different weather events, including safety tips and resources, personalized weather preparedness plans, detailed checklists and more.


Helpful year-round, the app can be particularly informative in summer, with its wealth of tips and resources on topics like avoiding rip tides, staying safe in extreme heat and preparing for tropical storms. To access these resources and download the app, visit


Don’t Be Bugged


Take precautions against bug bites, particularly mosquitoes, which can be carriers of the Zika virus. Experts are warning that those located in or traveling to the southern United States should take precautions to guard against the disease, especially if you are already or planning on getting pregnant.


Be sure your backyard is drained of standing water. Use citronella candles to ward off bugs. Apply insect repellent on hikes and other times you’re in buggy areas, and if possible, avoid skin exposure during dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.


If you’re looking to travel this summer, check out AccuWeather’s first-of-its-kind Mosquito Zika Risk Index in advance, which gives users an easy way to view the likelihood of mosquito infestations that could lead to greater risk of contracting the Zika virus within the contiguous U.S. This new interactive Index, available now on, as well as the AccuWeather app on iOS and Android, showcases a week-by-week risk index for the next seven weeks that can help you make more informed decisions to stay out of harm’s way.


With a little preparation, you can make the most of the summer and your travel plans by dodging common weather risks and hazards.