Special Day For Special Needs By Scout Pack 2017

Melody Kraemer – Autisim Mom

Eastvale – The 2nd annual Special Needs Game Day event in Eastvale was held on Saturday, August 4th at Harada Park. I was so excited for this day since both my boys are autistic. It was very special day that was made possible by Tom Donatoni and Scout Pack 2017.

It was a special gesture to have a free event that was designed just for them, the little heroes in our lives. The event ran from 4 pm to 8 pm and had over 1000 participants, approximately 3 times as many as the first year.


I had been excited for weeks waiting for this day, both my boys are autistic and participants in the games.

We all were given a wristband upon check-in, and the kids were given numbers on their wristband.  The numbers were for the groups they would be in for the games.


There was opening ceremony, it consisted of the pledge of alliance and a prayer from Mark Lee, the pastor of Vantage Point Church in Eastvale.


After the opening ceremony, an announcement was made about where to line up for the games according to the number that each child had on their wristband.


The games that were in the middle of the event consisted of Tug a war, an obstacle course, bean bag toss, foot races, water balloon toss and many more.


There were some very helpful vendors in attendance that had program and services information for the parents of special little heroes. They also had special activities for them to participate in. Pack 2017 thought of everything on this day, having three jumpers and a slide set up for the kids. (I think this was my youngest son’s favorite. He loves to bounce and bounce).


There were also many characters in cosplay costumes walking around interacting with the kids and posing for pictures.  My boys loved the Power Rangers, and the characters from the Star Wars universe and many others.


Water stations were set up, and free water bottles were given out to all that needed cold water. It was a very hot day, and that water was much needed and appreciated.


A BBQ Dinner was served to everybody in attendance and there was plenty of food to go around and was enjoyed by all.


The organization of this event was very well orchestrated and made possible by many wonderful volunteers who were in attendance.  I am so happy that we attended this event.  It was a great day, and my little heroes sure enjoyed themselves.


A huge thank you to Tom Donatoni and Eastvale Scout pack 2017 for bringing this unforgettable selfless event to our little heroes. It indeed was a fantastic day!