Back To School – Drive Safely

Staff Reports

Chino Hills – Most students in the Chino Valley Unified School District started back to school on Monday, August 13. That means more drivers on the roads and more kids walking to school. “Some back-to-school advice for parents and students is to try and get to school 15 to 30 minutes before school starts,” said Denise Cattern, spokesperson for the City. Parents are encouraged to check their school’s website for information on drop-off patterns. Motorists need to be aware of crosswalks and pay attention to signage that may prohibit left or right turns, U-turns, parking, or stopping. Deputies from the Chino Hills Police Department will be conducting extra enforcement around schools.

“No speeding, no texting, no cell phones, and no U-turns where signs are posted,” said Ms. Cattern. A “no stopping” sign means that motorists MAY NOT EVEN STOP to drop off students. High school students need to obey the “walk” and “do not walk” signs that coincide with green and red traffic signals. If motorists give themselves enough time to get to school, and are courteous to other drivers, the streets and school zones will be a lot safer.”

“The City of Chino Hills and the School District often work together to address safety concerns related to school traffic,” said Captain Walker. “When student drop offs are prohibited or “no left turn” signs are posted, they were placed to address safety concerns caused by those actions.”

A permit is required to park in neighborhoods near Litel Elementary School and Chino Hills High School between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Residents may obtain a free permit at City Hall for vehicles registered to their address. On-street parking on Eucalyptus Avenue is limited to two hours except for vehicles that display a permit. Parents of Ayala students can take advantage of a student drop-off area at the Chino Hills Community Center. Staff will provide direction to motorists during the first few weeks of school. Student drop off is not allowed anywhere on Peyton Drive. The north side of Boys Republic Drive from City Center Drive to Peyton Drive may also be used to drop off Ayala High School students. A wider lane allows drivers travelling on Boys Republic Drive from Grand Avenue to Peyton Drive to pull over on the north (right) side, between City Center Drive and Peyton Drive, to drop off students.

“Ayala parents have the option to travel from Grand Avenue to southbound Boys Republic Drive to access the drop-off area,” said Ms. Cattern. Parking in the City’s parking structure is limited to two hours between 6:00 a.m. and noon unless the vehicle has a parking permit issued to employees of The Shoppes at Chino Hills or the Government Center. Parents picking up students in the parking lot must wait in a parking space. Stopping is not allowed at all in the circular area of City Center Drive near the Library. Many businesses along Peyton Drive, including the Post Office and several churches, prohibit student parking and drop offs because their parking lots were built to accommodate their customers, not students.