Autism Mom: Who Am I?

By Melody Kramer

The other day I went for a job interview and the first thing they asked me was: “Tell me about yourself.” The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I’m a mom. An autism mom.” Not even realizing that that’s not what an employer wants to hear. Although that’s what defines me. Have I lost “me”? I know my skills. I know what I can do. I ran a front office when I owned a business; I’m on the computer daily. I run special projects, I run two websites, I know programs, excel, word, publisher, to name a few. I’ve done accounting and sales. I work with many PR companies and others.  Though when asked about me, all I could say was, “I’m a mom.” Has my world been so filled with the autism world that I have set aside all of who I am and what I can do?  My life is with two boys, IEP meetings, speech therapy, doctor’s appointments, occupational therapy and more.   Where is that line that separates the mom from the person?  Will I ever be separated from that line? The day  I walk into an interview, and they ask, tell me about yourself,  and I don’t respond by saying “I’m an autism mom”, I will know I’m ready to be me again and get out in the workforce. Though I wonder if that day will ever come. I’m an autism mom. That’s my title. That’s my life and that will never change. I do realize there is me behind all of that and I’m just not ready. Maybe I never will be ready to put me in the front of being autism mom. 

Melody Kramer (aka Autism Mom) is a mother to two Autistic children. She is also the Editor and Publisher of Macaroni Kid Jurupa Valley- Eastvale and Macaroni Kid Riverside as well as a regular columnist for the City of Eastvale News. You can contact her  at: