Eastvale: Here We Grow Again

Staff Reports

Eastvale– The City of Eastvale continues to grow and residents are waiting patiently for their desired establishments to open.  For example, many residents are very excited about the new In-N-Out expecting to come to town in the first quarter of 2019, according to local reports.  However, the community is also currently celebrating the businesses that have recently opened, such as the new El Pollo Loco located at 13332 Limonite Ave. in the Eastvale Marketplace retail center. 

Here are a few other businesses that recently opened this year:

  • 99 Cents Only Store: Located on the northwest corner of Hamner Ave and “new” Schleisman Rd. Opened Sept. 2018
  • Costco: located on Cantu Galleano Ranch Rd. and Hamner Ave.  Opened June 2018
  • LBA Realty Industrial Building: located north of Cantu-Galleano Ranch Road, east of Hamner Ave., and west of the I-15 freeway. 
  • Miguel’s Jr: Located at 13382 Limonite Ave in the Eastvale Marketplace.  Opened October 2018

Several other businesses are currently under construction.  Below are updates for each of the businesses, homes, or centers that are expected to open in Eastvale:

  • Chevron Station Pre-App: Located at 14207 Chandler St.  Update: Application under Review
  • Chik-Fil-A: Located at 5080 Hamner Ave in the Goodman Commerce Center.  Update: Pre-application is under review
  • Eastvale Marketplace: Located on northeast corner of Limonite and Sumner Avenues.  Update: On-going discussion with property owner regarding site maintenances, parking, and pedestrian access
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car CUP: Located at 12483 Bellegrave Ave. in the Goodman Commerce Center.  Update: Approved by Planning Commission
  • Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash at Al’s Corner DR and CUP: Located at Southwest corner of Hamner Ave and Riverboat Ave.  Update: waiting for revised architecture plans
  • Gas Station (7-Eleven) and Drive-Through Restaurant (Pizza Hut): Located on the northwest corner of Hamner and Schleisman Ave (between Fire Station 27 and 99 Cents Only Store).  Update: waiting for revised developmental plans
  • Goodman Commerce Center: located on Hamner Ave., north of Bellegrave Ave. and south of Cantu-Galleano Ranch Road.  Update: site improvement to add parking spaces
  • Goodman Off Site Parking, Pedestrian Bridge, and Building Height Increase in Industrial Areas: Located at Cantu Galleano Ranch Rd. and Hamner Ave.  Update: applicant is currently addressing pedestrian crossing issues
  • Goodman Retail Center: Located on the southeast corner of Cantu Galleano Ranch Rd. and Hamner Ave.  Update: both buildings are under construction
  • In-N-Out: Located at 4950 Hamner Ave in the Goodman Commerce Center.  Update: under construction
  • Leal Master Plan: Located at the northwest corner of Hamner and Limonite Ave., east of Scholar way and south of 58th street. Update: Continued discussion of potential development with owners and proposed developer.
  • Lewis Retail Polopolus Property: Located at 7270 Hamner Ave.  Update: Processing an application for a Chevron gas station and convenience store
  • Medical Office Building and Dialysis Center at The Marketplace at The Enclave: Located at 14252/14260 Schleisman Rd.  Update: waiting on 3rd submittal for construction plans for 2-story medical office building
  • Mes Amies Nail Salon Alcohol Sales CUP: Located at 13334 Limonite Ave., Suite 110 in the Eastvale Marketplace.  Update: waiting submittal of incomplete items and deposit
  • Nexus Townhouse by William Lyon Homes, Residential Development: Located south of the 24-hour Fitness Center in the Eastvale Gateway South retail center. Update: Construction is complete
  • Polopolus Chevron DR & CUP: Located at 7180 Hamner Ave.  Update: waiting for revised development plans
  • Prado Residential Development by Lennar: Located at the southeast corner of Cucamonga Creek Channel and Schleisman Rd.  Update: Revised fence and wall plans under review
  • Pulte Residential Development: Located on southeast corner of Limonite Ave and Scholar Way.  Update: site is being graded consistent with the recorded subdivision map
  • Quick Quack Car Wash: Located west of Amazon off-site parking lot and south of Costco parking lot in retail portion of Goodman Commerce Center.  Update: waiting for 2nd submittal of construction plans
  • Rodriguez Site by Howard Industrial at The Ranch: Located at the southeast corner of Moon Plan and Remington Ave.  Update: waiting for development plans
  • Santa Ana River Trail CUP: Located south of Archibald Ave and north of Bluff Street.  Update: application is on hold
  • Self-Storage Facility at Chandler: Located at 7500 Hellman Ave.  Update: preparing CEQA documents and waiting for revised developmental plans set
  • Sendero Century Communities Front Loaded Homes: Located at the northeast corner of Archibald Ave and Chandler St.  Update: waiting for revised site plan
  • Sendero Cluster Homes by Lennar: Located on the west portion of Sendero at northwest corner of Limonite Ave and Harrison Ave.  Update: Under construction but model homes are open
  • Sendero Planned Residential Development by Stratham Homes: Located in the northeast corner of Limonite and Harrison Avenues. Update: Revised SCE landscape plans are currently under review
  • South Milliken Distribution Center: Located east of Milliken Ave, north of SR-60.  Update: waiting for construction plans
  • Starbucks Drive-Through: Located at southeast corner of Hamner Ave. and Cantu-Galleano Ranch Rd. Update: under construction
  • The Campus (former Providence Business Park): located west of Archibald Ave and south of Limonite Ave. Update: Approved construction plans but other buildings are currently under construction
  • The Merge- Chevron, Drugstore Drive-Through, Sprouts Alcohol Sales, Starbucks Drive-Through: Located North of Riverside Drive; South of SR 60, East of Milliken Avenue, West of I-15.  Update: under review
  • The Ranch: Located in the northeast and southeast corners of Hellman and future Limonite (Kimball) Avenues.  Update: construction of six industrial/warehouse buildings are completed
  • VantagePoint Church: Located on 8500 Archibald Ave. Update: Undergoing site grading; revised building construction plans approved
  • Verizon at Chandler Fire Station: Located on northeast corner of Chandler Street and Selby Ave.  Update: Under construction
  • Walmart: located on southeast corner of Limonite and Archibald Ave. Update: Waiting for applicant to submit construction plans