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91 Project Near Completion

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The 91 Project is now 91 percent complete! Work is continuing full speed ahead, with major milestones expected to be reached in early 2017.

The new westbound Maple Street off-ramp is nearing completion, and the Maple Street bridge is projected to return to two-way travel later this month.

The eastbound Serfas Club on-ramp, which has been closed since September 2015, is expected to reopen in February.

These dates are subject to change, based on weather and other factors.  Last month, crews completed the removal of the support structures of the Lincoln Avenue bridge. Work is continuing to widen the bridge over the 91.

Nighttime closures of eastbound 91 at Interstate 15 will continue through January for ongoing construction of the Express Connector from eastbound 91 to southbound 15 and from northbound 15 to westbound 91. Crews will be removing support structures on this flyover structure, which measures 3,700 feet long and 70 feet tall.

Also early this year, crews will coordinate restriping of travel lanes on the 91 and on city streets. Additional work will continue along Frontage Road, Wardlow Road and Pomona Road. Please watch for intermittent closures and detour signs.


91 Toll Lane Expansion

Courtesy of the Riverside County Transportation Commission


CORONA-The 91 Project will add two tolled express lanes in both directions to the 91 in Corona, replacing the existing carpool lanes. In addition, a single tolled express lane will be added to I-15 in both directions starting and ending south of Magnolia Avenue. Direct express lane connectors will be built between eastbound 91 and southbound I-15 and between northbound I-15 and westbound 91.

There will be a seamless transition between the 91 Express Lanes in Orange County and the new 91 Express Lanes in Riverside County. Existing transponder owners do not need to establish a new account with RCTC or change their existing account to use the new lanes in Riverside County. Both sections of the 91 Express Lanes will operate using the account structure, account fee schedule, and customer service. Access to the express lanes for carpoolers, disabled veterans, clean vehicles, etc. will be the same in both counties. The same safe and reliable system will be provided in Riverside County and managed and maintained by the same operator. Like the Orange County system, Riverside County toll collection will be electronic, with no toll booths needed. Separate tolls will be charged for each county segment, offering drivers a choice of using the Riverside County toll lanes, the Orange County toll lanes, or both.

Although express lanes will replace existing carpool lanes, vehicles with three or more occupants and a transponder will be able to use the express lanes at free or reduced rates – the same Three Ride Free policy that is in place now in Orange County. This policy encourages carpooling by allowing a group of three or more commuters per vehicle to travel the 91 Express Lanes for free during most hours, except when traveling east, Monday through Friday, between 4 pm and 6 pm. During those hours, carpools of three or more with a transponder still can save money by receiving a 50 percent discount on the posted toll. Motorcycle riders with transponders benefit from the same pricing structure, which is consistent with Orange County 91 Express Lanes policies.

Toll road entrances and exits will be available at several locations:

  • On the 91, west of the Green River Road Interchange for drivers heading in either direction
  • On the 91, at I-15 for drivers heading west
  • On I-15, north of the Ontario Avenue Interchange, with a direct connector from northbound 15 to westbound 91

Drivers will not be able to enter or exit the tolled express lanes west of the I-15 Interchange and Green River Road. Access within this segment was analyzed through a separate engineering study and not selected as a feature of this project.

Corona: Highway Expansion May Cause Local Museum to Relocate


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(Google Images)

Corona — The Quality West Wing is a museum that was designed to be a “living history lesson.”  It is devoted to educating young people about some of our nation’s former presidents.

Boasting a scale replica of the Oval Office created by a Hollywood set designer, a hallway filled with pictures of some of our presidents, and a classroom that houses computers, this is a unique, interactive museum.  In the classroom, students can experience what is like to be President by taking the Oath of Office, nominating a Supreme Court Justice, signing or vetoing a bill, balancing the national budget, holding a press conference, and running a re-election campaign.

The inspiration for the Quality West Wing and the neighboring Uncle Bud’s Automotive Museum came from the owner, Bud Gordon, to help his daughter feel more of a connection to her nation’s past and future.  Both museums are a part of the Quality West Wing Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that is supported by the Gordon family as well as private donations, and have had an estimated 200,000 visitors over time.

Now, 13 years after they were built, both museums may need to be relocated due to the expansion of the 91 Freeway.  The Riverside County Transportation Commission says that the auto museum property is needed for the expansion, but not the Quality West Wing.  However, the Foundation believes that both attractions supplement one another and should not be separated.  So, if one needs to be relocated, the other is said to be as well.  They are currently trying to find a new site somewhere else in the Corona area, but have yet to succeed.

No matter where the building ends up being situated, it is sure to continue being a great place for students and adults alike to go to see history come to life.