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Meet Captain Jason Horton


Captain Jason Horton (Photo Courtesy: City of Eastvale)

Captain Jason Horton (Photo Courtesy: City of Eastvale)

Eastvale – The Eastvale Police Department – in contract with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department – is under the command of Captain Jason Horton, acting as Police Chief. The personnel under Horton’s command operate out of the Jurupa Valley Station, and they are dedicated to providing progressive, innovative and efficient public safety.

Horton began his law enforcement career with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1989 as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, patrolling the communities now serviced by the Jurupa Valley Station. At the time, he was the youngest Reserve Deputy Sheriff to be hired in the history of the Department, at age 19.

Four years later, in 1993, Horton graduated from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Basic Academy, was hired as a full-time Deputy Sheriff. During the time Horton spent as a Deputy Sheriff, and subsequent promotions to the ranks of Senior Deputy Sheriff and Corporal, he held assignments in corrections and field operations. While assigned to patrol, Horton held collateral assignments as a Field Training Officer, Special Enforcement Team member, and School Resource Officer at Jurupa Valley High School. The majority of his field service time was spent patrolling communities within Jurupa Valley.

Horton was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2004. He worked as a sergeant for five years and was assigned to the jail, academy training unit, and patrol. In 2009, Horton was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the jail, patrol, and the Special Investigations Bureau. During this time, Horton was involved in transitioning three newly created contract cities from previous unincorporated county areas including Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, and Menifee. Each of these cities began with newly created teams of existing Sheriff’s personnel to provide law enforcement services to their jurisdictions. Horton was promoted to Captain in 2013 and is currently assigned to Jurupa Valley Patrol as the Station Commander.

Horton has earned a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University San Bernardino in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Redlands in Management. Horton is a graduate of Class #214 of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Course (SLI), a leadership school for law enforcement sergeants throughout the state.

Horton is proud to be the fourth generational member of his family to serve in law enforcement, which started with his great-grandfather being a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the early 1900s, serving in the Yukon Territory. Horton’s father was also a member of the department, serving almost 30 years with much of it patrolling in the Jurupa Valley area. Horton is married, has four school-aged children, and resides in Riverside, California, where he has lived most of his life.

We are proud to have Captain Horton at the helm of the fine men and women that protect the City of Eastvale.

Sheriff’s Department Uses Eleanor Roosevelt High School For Training



Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale was the site of a recent “Active Shooter Training Scenario” conducted by Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the Corona-Norco Unified School District. (Photo Courtesy: ERHS)

Eastvale – In partnership with the Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD), the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, overseen by Captain Jason Horton, participated in an Active Shooter Training Scenario exercise.

This training exercise allowed deputies to respond to a mock incident that simulated a real-life crisis whereby someone attempted to create violence on a campus.

According to Horton, “This doesn’t necessarily mean a school shooting only; it can also be where someone is coming on campus with the intent to injure as many victims as they can. It can also be stabbings, etc.”

Every deputy assigned out of Eastvale’s Jurupa Valley station underwent this specialized training, which occurred over a week-long period at a variety of hours. In order to accommodate the shifts of all the deputies, some of the training was held at night.

Using Eleanor Roosevelt High School as a training facility gave the deputies a way to familiarize themselves with the layout of the school, as well as some of the faculty and administration that they would be working with. The Sheriff’s Department used trained “role-players” to make the situation as real as possible.

CNUSD administration was provided training and allowed to watch a demonstration. They will take this learning experience back to the schools and train their staff members.

“We feel that along with the training that the deputies already have, this exercise serves as a way to sharpen their skills even further,” said Horton about the training. This scenario-based instruction caused concern by residents who were alarmed that something awful had happened at the high school. However, the exercise was just a way for our local deputies to further improve their skills to keep our community safe.


EASTVALE: Troy Davids Case Gets National Attention

A "White Ghost Bike" marks the intersection where Troy Davids was killed last month. Photo: Jennifer Madrigal

A “White Ghost Bike” marks the intersection where Troy Davids was killed last month. Photo: Jennifer Madrigal

By Jennifer Madrigal
Eastvale – Troy Davids was a young man who had his whole life in front of him, until the tragic night when a suspected driver of a black sedan struck and killed him as he rode his bike home from work on April 25. The car sped off, and was last reported turning southbound on Scholar Way. According to a police report, witnesses said the driver didn’t even stop. Davids was transported to the local Ontario Kaiser hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Only 21-years old, and Troy’s life was over, just like that, just after midnight, alone.
It’s been over a month and although to some it may seem that the case hasn’t progressed much, police have been actively working this case. Eastvale Police Department’s Lt. Mike Yates says, “We have been actively investigating this case from the moment it occurred and have examined many leads. Our investigation has revealed that there was a tan Chevrolet Suburban that may have possibly witnessed the accident and we are hoping that by handing out flyers and getting the public more involved this Good Samaritan will come forward with possible information.”
According to a press release, on Thurs., May 29, the Eastvale Police Department’s Traffic Division, with the assistance of the Citizen Volunteers, reached out to the public by handing out flyers to passing motorists at the intersection of Limonite and Hamner avenues. The flyers provided a brief summary of a fatal hit and run traffic collision in the hopes of identifying possible witnesses. At the conclusion of the public outreach, five citizens came forward and provided information to Traffic Investigators about the case.
The Eastvale Police Department has also assigned a full-time traffic officer to this case and the officer has actively been following up on the many leads that have come in since the flyers were passed out.
Residents, still shocked and saddened by the hit and run, have contacted various news outlets in hopes of getting the story picked up nationally. There has been some success, and recently several news vans were seen near the Limonite/Hamner intersection sharing Troy Davids tragic story. Eastvale Chief of Police, Jason Horton, Lt. Mike Yates and Troy Davids’ parents also held a news conference urging anyone with information to come forward.
The Eastvale Police Department is continuing its investigation into this incident and will pursue any and all leads regarding this crime. If you have information concerning this hit-and-run tragedy, please call (951) 955-2600.