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Business Feature: Competitive Coverage To Meet Your Family’s Needs



Norco – At the Melanie Smith-Rice State Farm Office, 24-hour good neighbor service is at the forefront. Smith-Rice is confident that she can meet your needs for all insurance and financial services, and promises to wow you with expert professional service.


Melanie Smith-Rice State Farm

A State Farm Agent since 1985 and a Corona resident since 1971, Smith-Rice understands the needs of the community and has worked hard to provide a palette of services that makes one-stop-shopping easy and affordable. Along with Auto insurance, Smith-Rice provides Home Owners and Renters Insurance.


“A home is a big investment, so let’s make sure you have enough coverage at the right rate,” says Smith-Rice. As well, protecting your personal property may be more affordable than you think. “The average person has over $200,000 worth of stuff that is probably not covered under your landlord’s policy. That’s where our State Farm Renters insurance comes into play,” she adds.


More important than the care of your property is the care of your family. Along with Life Insurance, the Melanie Smith-Rice State Farm Office can provide various types of health insurance, including Long-Term Care should you become unable to care for yourself.


And for the business owner, Smith-Rice says, “I understand the needs of a business owner like you. Together we can help protect your business and plan a roadmap for your financial future.


As if all this weren’t enough, the Melanie Smith-Rice State Farm Office can provide you with financial services such as Mutual Funds, Annuities, and even Banking (yes, Banking!), including Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Loans.


Don’t wait another minute to help ensure your family’s well being. Call the Melanie Smith-Rice State Farm Office today, and get peace of mind in return. A staff of professional experts is standing by at (951) 734-5290, or Toll-Free at (888) 734-5292. They are located at 2027 River Road in Norco, in the Stater Bros. shopping center at Second Street and River Road. You can also email Smith-Rice at Melanie.smith-rice.bu0o@statefarm.com.



What You DON’T See Is What You Get


For questions about your Business Insurance Policy, Grace Buencamino with George L Brown Insurance Agency can be reached at (909) 973-8233 or GBuencamino@georgebrowninsurance.com.


Inland Empire – When Daniel started his carpet cleaning business six years ago, he had to get insurance. So he did, and he faithfully paid his premiums every month. Unfortunately, Daniel’s business was burglarized, but he had no need to worry; he was fully covered and he had never missed a payment in nearly six years. Then Daniel found out some very disturbing news.
Daniel’s insurance company gladly filed his claim. The reports were all in order and the estimate of $16,839 was right in line with specifications. But Daniel only received a check for $3,000. He had no idea his policy coverage for theft or fire had a limit of $3,500, with a $500 deductible.

“It’s common for a business, especially a small business, to be under-insured,” said Grace Buencamino, a longtime broker at George L. Brown Insurance. “You need a proactive agent who will periodically go over your coverage with you to ensure your business is adequately covered.”

Buencamino also points out that it’s not always the client’s fault for not knowing their policy limits.

“Sometimes a business will outgrow their coverage,” she says. “I’ve seen businesses who thought they had adequate coverage. The business owner didn’t realize that after five years, the company had acquired more equipment, increasing their Business Property from $3,000 to $20,000. To avoid my clients being under-insured, I do an annual review of their policy. Changes in Business Property can be discovered during this review and the policy limits can be changed at very little cost.”

Buencamino also said that by working closely with the business owner, she can get a better understanding of their needs and work with them to limit their exposures. She encourages clients to contact her if they make any changes to their business that may affect their current coverage.

One advantage of consulting with a broker, they can find the best priced insurance to meet your needs, whether they are “rate driven” or “coverage driven”. A broker can shop multiple carriers and bring you the options you deserve.
If you have questions about your Business Insurance Policy, Grace Buencamino with George L. Brown Insurance Agency can be reached at (909) 973-8233 or GBuencamino@georgebrowninsurance.com.

Family Tradition Means Insurance Expertise

By Michael Armijo

Grace Buencamino from George Brown Insurance can be reached at 909-973-8233

Grace Buencamino from George Brown Insurance can be reached at 909-973-8233

Chino Hills – Most little girls say they want to be a doctor, lawyer, school teacher or a princess while growing up, but Grace Buencamino wanted to be like her daddy, an insurance producer.

“It wasn’t that I was exposed to someone who just pushed paper or punched a clock, my father helped people with important needs and helped business owners stay protected during tough times,” said Grace, who watched her father do such things for over 30 years.

“Insurance runs in our family. I grew up learning the industry and spent all of my high school summers working with him,” she said. “It was a great time in my life. As I grew, I learned to help others, to be knowledgeable in an effort to help those in need.”

She’s not just filled with summers of insurance experience; Grace has over ten years of Human Resources experience and ten years of Property Management experience. She’s also worked with employers on strategies to minimize on-the-job injuries. This has given her firsthand knowledge of the importance of proper workers compensation and harassment/wrongful termination (EPLI) coverage.

Knowledge in the property management field has helped her address the concerns of risks and exposures that business and property owners can have. Her California Department of Insurance Resident Insurance Producer License for Property and Casualty allows Grace to legally and thoroughly provide expertise and experience.

“Every business is unique and policies should not be “One Size Fits All”. I believe a company needs to be evaluated and exposures assessed before presenting the best possible, most cost-effective solution for your business,” Grace said. She prides herself on knowing which policy covers you for your specific needs, as some agents aren’t sure and you end up with coverage that’s costly and unnecessary.

But her main goal is to assist others in need. “I enjoy helping others. Insurance allows me to do this. I work with business owners to manage their risks and exposures, giving them the peace of mind that their business is protected.”

Grace’s “off-field” activities prove her commitment to service above self. “I am here to serve the community. I am a member of Christian Business Partners, have volunteered at several schools in the Chino Valley Unified School District, volunteer with the Chino Hills Community Foundation, and a Woman’s Care Center in Chino.”

Besides helping those in need and continuing her father’s legacy in a “Service First” industry by offering affordable coverage, even free evaluations, Grace says, “Our agency offers complementary policy evaluations. We have established relationships with some of the nation’s largest and finest carriers as preferred agents.” Preferred Agents have benefited their clients with specialized programs and competitive pricing. “Please feel free to contact me directly at (909) 973-8233 if you would like an evaluation of your current coverage and premium,” she adds.

Although the company was established in 1941 and is now located in Orange County, Grace has worked in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley for years. “I am your local agent and I’ve lived in Chino Hills since 1997. Clients can always expect personalized, professional service from me and everyone at our agency.”

Established in 1941, George L Brown Insurance Agency continues to work with small to medium sized businesses, and manage their risks by providing comprehensive business packages, general and professional liability, property coverage, workers compensation, bonds, E&O, D&O, EPLI and commercial auto coverage.

George L. Brown Insurance Agency is located at 1005 Calle Recodo, San Clemente, CA 92673. Grace Buencamino can be reached at (909) 973-8233 (Direct); (949) 361-1400 (Office); or by email: gbuencamino@georgebrowninsurance.com; License #OH30972.