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Coming Home

Tim Eaton

Tim Eaton

By Pastor Tim Eaton

A vacation sounds so great.  We sometimes feel stressed out, overworked, and underappreciated, and have a need to get away from it all. We may dream of joyful times with friends and family, and the fun and relaxation we will have on vacation.

Hopefully time away delivers on most of those promises.  But a funny thing can happen on vacation.  Maybe it’s too many hours in a car or nights spent in a tent, an unfamiliar hotel, or time with the in-laws.  Any one of these things can make home start to sound better than when we left it.

By the end of a vacation, coming home can often feel even better than getting away.  We miss the little things we didn’t notice before we left: the way fresh sheets smell on our own bed, kids’ favorite toys at the ready, the staples in our fridge and pantry, the peace of sitting in a favorite chair.  Returning to these simple things can make coming home the best part of a vacation.

Coming home to church can give us an even deeper peace.  Maybe something made us want to get away from church.  Maybe we drifted away without really noticing.  But this “vacation” can weary us like any other.  The signs are there – we have spent too much time rushing around, traveling through life without effect, and wishing we could find rest and peace.

If you are weary and burdened, you will find rest in Jesus (Matthew 11:28).  Like the prodigal son, we find our Heavenly Father waiting with open arms for us to return home to Him (Luke 15:20).

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshiping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880;http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Summer Is Here!

Tim Eaton

Tim Eaton

By Pastor Tim Eaton


It is beautiful outside.  Lots of kids are out of school, and maybe things have slowed down for you, too.

When summer comes, we usually fall into one of two camps: those that have a list a mile long of things they want to do during the summer; and those who don’t have enough to do.  Either way, its trouble.

If you have a list too long, someone is going to get disappointed that you are not doing what they want.  Or, you are going to run yourself ragged trying to squeeze everything into the summer.  On the other hand, not having enough to do means a house full of bored kids – and that is serious trouble!

King Solomon, who saw his fair share of summers and was the wisest man who ever lived, met this problem with wisdom.  In Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, he notes that, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

Solomon realized that everything necessary would happen in God’s time.  Instead of being stressed about what he could and couldn’t do, he focused on the quality and purpose of things he was able to do.  He also noted that there is “a time to weep and a time for joy!”  I think he would agree that summer is a time for joy.

Whatever you do this summer, take the time to find joy in it.  At Edgewater, we would love to help.  Bring the kids to our “Everest Vacation Bible School.”  Children 4 to 12 will learn to keep cool during challenges – and you will get some evenings of rest while they enjoy time with friends, free dinners, and a great message.

Edgewater’s VBS is July 20 to 24, Monday through Friday, from 4:30 to 7:30 each night.  Register online at http://edgewaterlutheran.org/#/events/vacation-bible-school.

Find joy this summer at Edgewater!

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Conquer It With Him

Tim Eaton

Pastor Tim Eaton

By Pastor Tim Eaton

As we go through life, the challenges we face are often the things we want to happen least of all.  Many of us will live life trying to sidestep and avoid every challenge that comes our way.  Even if you are the adventurous type who loves “A Challenge,” these tend to be in superficial areas.

Maybe you have completed a marathon, or climbed Mt. Whitney.  Those are tough challenges, but somehow they seem much more pleasant than the ones life throws at us.

It’s the challenges we don’t choose that truly test what we are made of.  Maybe it’s the loss of a job, the infidelity of a spouse, the illness of a child, the loss of a loved one – or even the chance of a lifetime.  These challenges may demand more from us than we ever could have imagined or trained for.

The only thing we can be certain of is that these challenges will come.  Very few of us will finish life without encountering challenges bigger than ourselves.

So, what do we do?  How do we face them? Do we buckle down and man up?  Do we find wisdom and solace in friends?  Absolutely.  But often, that just isn’t enough.  When challenges are bigger than us, we need help that is bigger than us!

Psalm 46 gives hope: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble, therefore we will not fear.”

When praying for personal strength, the apostle Paul heard from God, “My grace is sufficient for you, My strength is made perfect in weakness,” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Help your children discover God’s strength at Edgewater’s Everest Vacation Bible School:  Conquering Challenges With God’s Mighty Power.  This event will be held July 20 to 24, at Ramirez Middle School.  For more information and to register online, visit http://edgewaterlutheran.org/#/events/vacation-bible-school.

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Child-Like Faith

Tim Eaton

Tim Eaton

By Pastor Tim Eaton

As parents, we are faced with many dilemmas in raising our children.  Where should they go to school? Which sports should we encourage or allow them to play? How much time should they spend with technology?  The list goes on and on.  One of the biggest questions may be:  What do we teach our children about faith, the afterlife, and religious beliefs?

Whether you have faith or not, this is a question worth pondering.  First, let’s consider the benefits of having a faith.  Many people say religion is for the weak.  But in that very sentence there is an admission that religion makes us stronger.

Personally, I drink protein every day – because I was physically weak.  It has made me stronger, not weaker.

Believing that we are created by a loving God also improves our self esteem: “We are God’s Masterpieces” (Ephesians 2:10).  All people – children in particular – need this strength and self esteem.

Perhaps a bigger issue is that of free choice.  We often say we want our children to choose for themselves, particularly in the area of faith.

Consider this verse from Proverbs 22:6, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

It outlines both our responsibility as parents and a truth about our children; they do what we teach them.  Regardless of whether we teach our children about faith or let them discover it on their own, we are making a de facto choice for them.

During Jesus’ time on earth, many people brought their children to Him so He might give them a blessing.  Unfortunately, many of his followers turned them away.

“But, when Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these,’” (Mark 10:14).

Consider giving your child a foundation in faith at Edgewater’s Vacation Bible School this summer.

Our theme this year is, “Everest: Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power.”

Join us Monday through Friday, July 20 to 24, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at Ramirez Middle School, (with dinner included daily).   Edgewater’s Vacation Bible School is a free event, available to children ages 4 to 12.  We hope to see you there!

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Rise and Shine

By Pastor Tim Eaton

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My mother used to wake me every morning in a very chipper voice, “Rise and shine!”  Then she would open the drapes and the room would fill with blinding light.  I couldn’t stand it! (I wasn’t a morning person back then).  It seemed such a shame that a peaceful night’s sleep was so abruptly ended.

The only exception to my mother’s call to “rise and shine” was Saturday.  On Saturdays I would practically jump out of bed hours before anyone else, because it was my day to play!

Some of us struggle to get out of bed because it just feels so nice to be snuggled up in the sheets.  Even being awake isn’t the end of the world, as long as we can lay there and enjoy the comfort.

But there may also be days that getting up seems impossible, maybe it even sounds like a death sentence; we just want the world to go away.  As the pupils of our eyes contract and adjust to the piercing light, we sometimes get up because we have to.  And although we are up, we are not truly awake.  We go through the day – and even life – like a zombie.

If you are not one to rise and shine, you probably know the reasons why.  Is something weighing heavily upon your mind?  Was it a mistake for which you can’t forgive yourself?  Did someone wrong you and you can’t move forward.  Has a dream come to an end?  Have you suffered a loss which seems to have stopped time for you, but the world demands that you march on? Perhaps you can’t put your finger on a reason, but life seems to be missing “life” itself.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you,” (Isaiah 60:1).

Your day to rise, shine and truly live is here.  Easter is a wonderful reason to rise!  Not only did Jesus rise from death to life on Easter morning, but His hope is for you arise as well.  Easter is a reason to rise from whatever is holding you down and shine again.

“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you,” (Ephesians 5:14).

Find your reasons to shine at Edgewater:  Good Friday Service, April 3, 7 p.m.; Easter Sunday “Rise” Service, April 5, 6:30 a.m.; “Shine” Services, April 5, 8 and 10 a.m. – all at Harada Elementary.

Edgewater Lutheran Church normally meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Out Of (My) Control

By Pastor Tim Eaton

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Life throws us curve balls. Things don’t go as planned. Pains can break our hearts.

Worrying about any of these things can make us lose our minds. When it seems our world is spinning out of control, we can often get out of control ourselves. No matter how big or small the catastrophe, when our fight or flight instinct is tripped, more problems are on their way.

If we choose to stay and fight, we can lose our cool with devastating effects, hurting our future or other people emotionally or physically.  Unfortunately, when we choose flight we can often fly to exactly the wrong place. Maybe we disengage when we are needed most. Perhaps we hide in a comforting, but damaging, addiction.

What are we to do in the face of catastrophe? Fight and flight are equally poor choices. A better choice is to run into the arms of Jesus Christ. There, we can discover that life is not out of control – only out of our control.

“It’s out of my control.”  It might be frustrating to submit to these words, but it might be one of the most freeing phrases ever spoken. When we are not in control, the worry isn’t ours; the burden of a solution isn’t ours.

Just how comforting those words are has a lot to do with whom we realize is in control. If it is a doctor, boss, or a policy, it might provide some comfort. But, if we realize that God is in control, it can bring true peace.

1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”  The “because” is the peace.

Isaiah 53:4 reassures us, “Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.”

When catastrophe strikes, remember that even though it might be out of your control, God is in control.  How much better life will be if we know we are always in His hands. Then, we can avoid the panic, and live in His peace every day.

Discover His Peace at Edgewater this Easter:  Good Friday, April 3, 7pm; Easter Sunday, April 5, 6:30, 8, and 10 a.m.  See their ad on page 12.

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Love ACTually

By Pastor Tim Eaton

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“People do crazy things when they’re in love.”

This quote from Disney’s “Hercules” may make you think of a time when someone drove you crazy in love. Maybe you couldn’t think straight, or string more than a word or two together in their presence.  Or maybe you simply lost all sense of good judgment.

The quote reminds us about the connection of love and ACTION. But more than losing your mind when you are overcome with love, it’s really about finding motivation and courage to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is known for his passion to help make a better life for others. He said this in a speech about life and love: “I say to you this morning…that if you have never found something so dear and so precious to you that you aren’t willing to die for it, then you aren’t fit to live.”

Wow. That is a powerful love that motivated him to do all he could for his people. Tragically, he did give his life for what he loved, but the greater challenge that he accepted, was to live his life for something every day.

What about you? What do you love? What are you living for? What do you spend your time, money, and energy on? Measure your love with this question:  Can anyone else tell what it is that you love? Is it obvious? Or are you just drifting?

Find your passion, direction, and hope in Jesus. Jesus had direction; He lived for something He would eventually die for… You!  (Matthew 20:82).

Discover the one who has Crazy Love for you, Sundays at 10 a.m.

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

A BOLD New Year

By Pastor Tim Eaton


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Another year has come and gone. What do you have to show for it? Did you grasp your goals for 2014, or have they eluded you? What held you back? Did you come close – taste them, perhaps – and then shrink back? Was it a year of boldness or of timidity?

If you answered yes to those last two questions, please, read on! Maybe you have heard about Jesus being meek and mild and want to emulate Him. But is that what He calls us to be? Let’s look at His example:  “He humbled Himself, becoming obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross,” (Philippians 2:8)

But what does humbled mean? It does not mean that He believed less than the truth about Himself. Rather, it means He gave Himself in service to others.

A humble athlete doesn’t say, “I’m no good!” Instead, he says, “I will use my gift to serve the team!” That’s what Jesus has done for us, and calls us to do for others. He doesn’t call us to think less of ourselves. Quite the opposite, Jesus constantly calls his followers to step up and live the value He sees in them.

Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve what you are striving for. Are you concerned that God has turned a deaf ear to your prayers because of things you have done in the past? Quite the contrary! Jesus’ humble act of sacrifice has washed away all of these things. We have freedom from the shackles of past mistakes and missteps. Instead we have, “Boldness and confidence through our faith in Him.” (Ephesians 3:12).

So step boldly into 2015 with Jesus and call upon Him in times of need, hope, and joy!

Be BOLD and join us Sundays at Edgewater.

Edgewater Lutheran Church, worshipping at Harada Elementary, is located at 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880. Contact them at (951) 479-5575, or visit their website at www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

The Miracle of Christmas

By Pastor Tim Eaton

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Christmas is all about the greatest miracle in history. It’s about something distinctly better than the big guy in the red suit making an appearance on Christmas Eve.The birth of Jesus is one of God’s great miracles. And there were many more miracles leading up to Jesus’ birth, with many more to come in His life.One of the joys of Christmas is the joy of giving; but sometimes the logistics of it all can overshadow the joy. Edgewater would like to help. We will be offering FREE (that’s NO donation) gift-wrapping in front of Kohl’s in the Eastvale Gateway Shopping Center, on Sat., Dec. 13, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Stop by with your purchases and let us put a little more joy into the joy of giving.

This year, Edgewater will be hosting three Christmas services and two distinct worship experiences. The festivities begin with our “Christmas Music Celebration,” on Tues., Dec. 23, at 7 p.m. This service is perfect for those out of town on Christmas Eve, or those just wanting to experience a joyful, musical celebration with wonderful Christmas music and carols. Just as on Christmas Eve, this service will end with songs by candlelight.

Our beautiful Christmas Eve Candlelight services will be offered at both 3 and 5 p.m. All services will be held at Harada Elementary.

Join us, and discover that God is still in the miracle business. This Christmas, Jesus just might be your miracle.

Edgewater Lutheran Church, worshipping at Harada Elementary, is located at 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880. Contact them at (951) 479-5575, or visit their website at www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

A Great-Full Heart


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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Are you ready for it? I don’t mean do you have all the trappings of a fabulous turkey dinner or your plans all set to see family and friends. I mean are you ready to give thanks? Have you started already, or do you not yet have enough to be thankful for? As Thanksgiving approaches, do you have a grateful heart or are you continually seeking more?

It’s hard to be grateful when it seems we don’t have enough. It may seem like there is never enough time, money, resources, or help. It’s not only hard to be grateful, it’s easy to be afraid; afraid that there isn’t enough, afraid we won’t have what we need, and afraid we won’t get what we want.

When a lack of stuff scares us, it isn’t long before we lash out at others – afraid they will take, use, or lose what should be ours. It’s no wonder that an attitude of scarcity grows like a hunger in us that can never be satisfied.

But is it possible that we actually have more than we need? Maybe we have so much that we don’t even realize it could be put to better use. Perhaps it could be better appreciated instead of squandered.

King David wrote Psalm 23 while he was clearly in danger of being killed by his enemies. It may have been written during one of the many times he fled his own kingdom to find safety: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…in the presence of my enemies.” It is likely he took little with him for the journey.

From the attitude of scarcity he seems to have nothing. But David sees life from an attitude of abundance, saying things like: “I lack nothing” and “My cup overflows.” His heart is Great and Full, not because of what he has, but because he trusts that God will graciously provide all that he truly needs.

A Great and Full heart is the antidote to the hunger of scarcity. Have your heart filled every Sunday at Edgewater, and join us for a special Thanksgiving service on Sun., Nov. 23.

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.


An Incredible Family



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Have you seen the movie, “The Incredibles?” It tells the story of a family of superheroes. In the movie, the family eventually works together to solve some serious problems. Each of them has something to contribute with their incredible powers. Of course, it’s a happy ending and an inspiring vision of a united family – with extraordinary abilities.

The Incredibles gives us a nice image, but it’s not reality. Instead of being inspiring, it just might be a frustrating image; we begin so far from its ideal. Maybe our own family is fractured, dysfunctional, embittered, or disengaged. Could we ever be an incredible family?

There is hope when we realize that the Incredibles begin in the same boat. They are frustrated by the very things that make them great. They are disinterested in life and each other. So what transformed their family?

The Incredibles were changed when their family came together to overcome an obstacle that threatened them all. There may be things that threaten us, too. We might even be the obstacle.

Jesus invites us to see that He can overcome any obstacle to a family. 1 Corinthians 12:24-25 holds out hope for restoring an incredible family: “But God has put the body together, giving greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.”

Join us this fall and discover the power of forgiveness, blessings, honor, truth, commitment, and love for your own incredible family.

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

The God Who Sees You



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PastorTim Eaton-Edgewater Lutheren

Do you feel overlooked, forgotten, invisible, or underappreciated? Does it seem like no one understands what you are going through?

There is at least one person who takes note of you, and what you are going through. We remember the song about Santa Clause, “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…” Maybe it sounds a little creepy. It strikes enough fear in children to get them to behave for a month or so. But in Exodus we discover God sees us for a very different reason: “The Lord said, I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering,” (Exodus 3:7). What a different understanding of seeing – not to judge, but to care and assist.

Maybe no one on earth has noticed, but God has taken note of your life and he has done so with compassion. After God sees the misery of His people in Exodus, Chapter 3, He takes action. Because of his concern for his dearly loved people He performs one of the greatest acts of deliverance by having them march out of slavery right through the middle of a sea, yet on dry ground.

Make no mistake, God sees you. And He is not just an onlooker. He will participate lovingly in the story of your life, because he cares for you.

Ladies, be inspired by the God who sees you at the Edgewater “Pearls of Wisdom” Women’s Luncheon, coming to Eastvale on September 27th. It will feature guest speaker, Tammy Maltby, author of “The God Who Sees You.” See the ad on this page for more information.



Women of Renown


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When we think of great characters in the Bible, several come quickly to mind: Abraham, Moses, Paul, and of course, Jesus, to name a few. But what about the women? Did you know there are many important women in the Bible? A few with pivotal roles in history are Ruth, Rahab, Esther, and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

These women have a place in the Bible and history itself because of their strong character and great faith. Their roles were not cameos or fluff; they often did the heavy lifting for God’s plans. At one point in history the fate of God’s people – and the line of the Savior himself – were in jeopardy. Who do you think God entrusted with this great dilemma? Esther! She was chosen, “For such a time as this,” (Esther 4:14). With her inner beauty of faith she trusted God and risked herself for the sake of the people that she loved. She foreshadowed the same kind of action from our own Savior – and because of her faith and trust, God’s people were delivered.

Centuries later, when the early church needed a boost, it was Lydia, whose prosperous business and gift of hospitality helped Paul and Silas bring the news of Jesus to more people.

At Edgewater, we want to support and equip today’s women to continue that tradition of faith, trust, and impact set in motion by these women of renown.

Join us for a special Edgewater Women’s Luncheon: “Pearls of Wisdom,” to be held on September 27 at the Eastvale Community Center. The event will feature Tammy Maltby, a renowned author and speaker. Tickets and information are available at EdgewaterEastvale.org.

Edgewater Lutheran Church meets Sundays at 10 a.m., worshipping at Harada Elementary, 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880; http://www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.


Eastvale: One Of A Kind


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People come in all shapes and sizes, with different tastes and talents, likes and dislikes. We all have traits that are good and other traits that need some work. Sometimes our differences make life together a challenge. On a worldwide scale we see this challenge as nations struggle to keep peace. On a smaller scale it can make living in the same house difficult.

But just think for a moment…what would life be like if we were all the same – all carbon copies with the same look, same tastes, and same thoughts? Would it really be better if everyone was just like you? I mean JUST like you? I suspect that it would not be a world we would want to live in. Who would challenge us? Who would bring color to our lives? Who would we be attracted to (remember, opposites attract)?

In his wisdom, God has made each of us unique. Even identical twins are not duplicates of each other. Ephesians 2:10 says it this way: “We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus.” The only thing more unique than each of us is the way God loves each of us! His love is one of a kind. If you have children, you know that you love each one differently for their own unique reasons. So also our Heavenly Father loves each of us for different reasons. But, he has shown us all the same measure of love by sending his son, Jesus, to forgive those traits in each of us that could use a little work.

Give your children the opportunity to discover God’s unique love at Edgewater’s Vacation Bible School. “Weird Animals: Where God’s Love Is One of a Kind!” This event will take place June 23 through 27, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at Ramirez Intermediate School. Edgewater’s VBS is FREE and includes dinner for the kids each night. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now by registering online at www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.

Easter. Fact.


By Pastor Tim Eaton

If Easter is new to you, the bunny who lays eggs may seem very strange indeed. If going to church on Easter Sunday is one of your family traditions, it may seem to be nothing more than just that: a quaint holiday tradition. But, if on the first Easter a man rose from the dead, just as he said he would, it would be stranger than a bunny laying eggs and the start of the most powerful tradition in history.

In his testimony, one of Jesus’ followers named Peter, says this: “For we did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty,” (2 Peter 1:16).

You may note that the above quote is from the Bible. No matter, history records the life of Jesus outside of the Bible as well. Consider these two examples: The Roman Emperor, Nero, blamed the fire of Rome in the year 64 on followers of the one called Christ. The first Easter was just 31 years earlier. Perhaps even more convincing is the major change of life patterns after Jesus rose from the dead. Faithful Jewish people stopped worshiping on Saturday, as they had done for thousands of years, and instead began to worship on Sunday – the day Jesus rose from the dead.

How will the facts of Easter change your life? Join us as we give thanks for the price Jesus paid with a moving service on Good Friday, April 18, at 7 p.m.; and then join us this Easter Sunday, April 20, at 10 a.m. as we rejoice in the fact of Easter; Jesus is ALIVE!

Edgewater Lutheran Church

Sundays at 10 a.m.

Worshipping at Harada Elementary

12884 Oakdale Street

Eastvale, CA 92880


Christmas Nightmares


Pastor Tim Eaton Edgewater LutherenBy Pastor Tim Eaton


The Christmas season can be full of nightmares:  loved ones are too far away, loneliness, dealing with extended family, choosing the right gift (or receiving the wrong gift with gratitude and a smile), stressing over the holiday dinner, splitting time between multiple families, and spending way too much on all of it.


All of these things can create stress because we have lost sight of who Christmas is all about:  Jesus.


“Nightmares Without Christmas?”  Everyone can have one, but will they also get the true gift of Christmas?  From these nightmares we can wake up to lasting hope and joy when we discover the real miracle of Christmas.


The Christmas account from Matthew 1:22-23 includes these words, “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means “God with us”.  What an amazing gift, that God would enter our world to let us know that we are not alone.  We don’t have to overcome our nightmares or create the perfect Christmas by ourselves.  He has come to bring light into our darkness.


Come discover the hope of Jesus for your Christmas Nightmares, Sundays at 10:00 a.m., with a special Candlelight Christmas Eve service on December 24 at 6:00 p.m.  This is a Christmas Eve service that families and friends will love.


Edgewater Lutheran Church, worshipping at Harada Elementary, is located at 12884 Oakdale Street, Eastvale, CA, 92880.  Contact them at (951) 479-5575, or visit their website at www.EdgewaterLutheran.org.



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