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Lt. Ronald McDonald

Local News: Lt. McDonald Retires After 53 Years of Dedicated Service to Pomona PD

Photo Courtesy: Pomona PD

By Pomona PD

Lieutenant Ronald McDonald retires today after more than 53 years of service to the Pomona Police Department and the residents of Pomona. 

Ronald began his policing career in 1965. At the time, the Pomona Police Department had its own police academy where Ronald was a graduate of the Pomona Police Academy Class #8. 

Prior to coming to Pomona, Ronald was hired as a Dispatcher and Reserve Officer by the West Covina Police Department.

At the Pomona Police Department, his assignments have included Patrol, Detective Sergeant, Administrative Staff Services, Internal Affairs, Major Narcotics Sergeant, Helicopter Observer, Field Sergeant, Community Programs, Special Operations Lieutenant, and most recently, Lieutenant Watch Commander in the Operations Division.

There is no doubt, Ronald’s 53 years of expertise will be missed by Pomona PD. On behalf of the Pomona Police Department, we wish Ronald a happy and well deserved retirement! 

Pomona Police Arrest Armed Juvenile

Staff Reports

Pomona – In response to several citizen requests to patrol high call volume locations, the Pomona Police Department fielded a two-man patrol car to conduct extra patrols. On May 23 at about 12:15 am, two officers spotted a group of suspicious looking juveniles in the 2000 block of Palmgrove Avenue. The officers noticed the teenagers huddled around an unoccupied vehicle. The officers believed they stumbled across a possible in-progress vehicle burglary. The group broke up and left after noticing the police approaching. The officers gave chase of one male juvenile who was intently grabbing at his pants pocket. The juvenile was seen removing a handgun from his pants and discarding it in the front yard of a random residence. The juvenile suspect was apprehended a short time after as a result of his failed attempt to flee from the police, and the loaded firearm was recovered safely.

The Pomona Police Department encourages members of the community to report areas within the city that could use extra patrol in order to deter criminal activity.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Pomona Police Department at 909-620-2085. If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call “Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

Remembering Pomona Police Officer Daniel Fraembs

Photo courtesy: Pomona PD

Pomona PD

End of Watch: Saturday, May 11, 1996

Pomona Police Officer Daniel Fraembs was shot and killed while checking on three suspicious subjects, two male gang members and a female, in an industrial area of Pomona on May 11, 1996.

As Officer Fraembs patted down the first male suspect the second man was able to draw a .45 caliber handgun and fatally shot Officer Fraembs.  The gang member responsible was captured and sentenced to death in 1997.


Looking back at Officer Daniel Fraembs childhood, he was destined for a career in law enforcement.  Daniel was found orphaned on a beach in Hong Kong and taken into an orphanage by a local policeman. At nine months old, he was adopted by Donald and Dorothy Fraembs of Cincinnati, Ohio, and became a citizen of the United States in 1963. He rose to the rank of sergeant during four years in the U.S. Marine Corps until receiving an honorable discharge, and 3 years later, in 1988, started his appointment to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  He worked with the Sheriff’s Department for 5 years, before joining the Pomona Police Department.

We will never forget Officer Daniel Fraembs.

Pomona Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty:

6. Officer Shaun Richard Diamond
Pomona Police Department

EOW: Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cause of Death: Gunfire


  1. Police Officer Daniel T. Fraembs

Pomona Police Department, CA

EOW: Saturday, May 11, 1996

Cause of Death: Gunfire


  1. Captain Richard Barry Zbinden

Pomona Police Department, CA

EOW: Tuesday, August 13, 1991

Cause of Death: Gunfire


  1. Officer Carlo Angelo Poggetto

Pomona Police Department, CA

EOW: Monday, March 11, 1957

Cause of Death: Motorcycle accident


  1. Officer George Edward Muriset

Pomona Police Department, CA

EOW: Friday, April 9, 1954

Cause of Death: Motorcycle accident


  1. Chief of Police Henry P. Tracy

Pomona Police Department, CA

EOW:  May 3, 1915

Cause of Death: Motorcycle accident


Remembering Motor Officer Carlo Poggetto

Courtesy of Pomona PD

Pomona – Motor Officer Carlo Poggetto was killed in an on-duty motorcycle collision on March 11, 1957, while attempting to stop a vehicle. He was in the process of conducting a traffic stop when he observed another serious violation take place. As he attempted to catch up with the suspect, another vehicle turned left in front of him causing a collision.

Motor Officer Carlo Poggetto was involved in various youth activities and was a key figure in the construction of the Pomona Valley Quarter Midget Track in 1956, which was located near First St. and East End Av. Officer Poggetto saw the track as another way to get boys and girls involved in something positive in the City of Pomona.

The first official race event was held December 30, 1956. After his unfortunate death, the track was renamed the Carlo A. Poggetto Memorial Track on March 31, 1957, at a dedication attended by over 4000. In memory of Officer Poggetto, the first club race of the season was dedicated to him. When the Pomona track closed and the Orange Show track was created, the tradition continued.

Stolen Car And Property Returned

By Racine Guajardo

Chino HillsOn July 3, a residential burglary and grand theft auto was reported on the 15000 block of Aqueduct Lane in Chino Hills before 7 a.m.

The two suspects were later identified as Jose Sandoval, 33-year-old resident of Ontario and Christopher Ross, 22-year-old resident of Montclair. The Chino Hills Deputies were called to investigate the crime and found that the suspects had taken the victim’s purse that contained the keys to her vehicle.

The Pomona Police Department stopped a stolen vehicle around 2 p.m., which were the two suspects Sandoval and Ross. In the vehicle, suspects were in possession of the stolen property from the victim’s residence and were both arrested.

The Chino Hills Police Department says, “This is a good example of the cooperation between two law enforcement agencies who work together to solve and provide safety for citizens.”

If anyone has any additional information, please contact Deputy Joseph Patrick of the Chino Hills Police/Sheriff’s Department at (909) 364-2000.

Below is a list of the most common ways auto theft occurs by http://www.stolen-property.com. Knowing this information can help defend you from being a victim.

  • Checking for an alarm system. Throughout the years, people have been conditioned to ignoring car alarms on the account a loud motorcycle or truck can set a car alarm off. People’s senses are so dulled to these car alarms, car alarms are often ignored while a car is being stolen. Prevention – instead of using a car alarm that just makes noise, use a car alarm that has a pager that alerts you if the alarm is activated. Another excellent prevention for auto theft is an ignition disabler. This makes it unable to start the car without pressing the hidden ignition disable switch.
  • Smash and grab. The most common form of auto theft; breaking a window, grabbing whatever it is the thief is after and running away. Prevention – always remove anything of value from plain sight. The majority of crime is “crime of opportunity.” Also, if you have a stereo with a removable face plate, bring it with you instead of leaving it under the seat or in the glove box.
  • Drive off in a car with the keys in it. Auto thieves case out ATM’s, movie rental store drop offs or other businesses with quick drop off or pick up. When a person walks away from a running car, they jump in and the car is stolen. Prevention – never leave your car running or with the keys in it for even a moment, that’s all it takes for an auto theft to occur.
  • Cutting a steering wheel. If you have a steering wheel locking device to deter from auto theft, a thief will actually cut the steering wheel to remove the anti-theft device. Prevention – invest in a “kill switch” that disables your vehicle from starting.
  • Disabling the alarm system. Professional auto thieves know how to disable a car alarm within 15 seconds if they know what kind it is. Prevention – when having an alarm system installed in your car, go to a professional alarm installer instead of a big retail chain store. Also, do not advertise with car alarm brand stickers. This tips professional thieves off when they know how to disable certain alarm makes.
  • Auto theft using back up or spare keys. Many stolen vehicles are done so with the actual car keys. Prevention – Don’t ever leave or “hide” any spare or back up key in the car or under the bumper in a magnetic key holder as thieves do look for these.
  • Stealing vehicles from big parking lots. Thieves often case out big parking lots such as that at sporting events or concerts. Prevention – park in secured, well lit parking lots when possible, especially ones with attendants on duty.



$10,000 Reward Offered for 2011 Pomona Murder

Photo courtesy of Pomona PD 20-year-old Carlos Jimenez

Photo courtesy of Pomona PD
20-year-old Carlos Jimenez

Staff Reports

POMONA-Suspects remain at large in the 2011 murder of 20-year-old Pomona resident Carlos Jimenez.

The Pomona Police Department announced this week the $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the suspects. The Pomona Police are seeking the public’s assistance to provide any information to help solve the case.

According to the Pomona Police Department, on May 14, 2011 at 11:46 p.m. Carlos Jimenez was found in a garage near the rear alley of the 2400 block of Chanslor Street suffering from several gunshot wounds. Jimenez was pronounced dead at the scene at 12 p.m., according to Los Angeles County coroner’s records.

Police believe Jimenez was shot at close range and that the suspects involved in the shooting may have been involved in a local street gang.

Pomona Police Detectives remain vigilant and believe in a positive outcome for this investigation. Investigators are again asking for the public’s assistance in this case and hope that a reward will convince someone with information to come forward.
Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact the Pomona Police Department’s Homicide Unit at 909-620-2095. To provide information anonymously, call “Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or “We-Tip” at 1-800-782-7463. Please refer to incident DR# 11-053331.

Pomona Police Host “Coffee with a Cop”, Oct. 21

Courtesy: DOJ

Courtesy: DOJ

Staff Reports

Pomona Residents can meet and greet Pomona Police Chief Paul Capraro and Pomona police officers in their neighborhood at “Coffee with a Cop” on Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at McDonald’s restaurant located at 445 East Holt Avenue (corner of Towne Avenue).

A free small cup of coffee will be offered to those who participate in the “Coffee with a Cop” event, according to the Pomona Police Department press release.

The informal meeting with the community will be held in a neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee, according to a Pomona Police press release.

Coffee with a Cop provides a unique opportunity for community members to ask questions and learn more about the department’s work in Pomona neighborhoods. All community members are invited to attend.

Coffee with a Cop is a national initiative supported by The United States Department of Justice, Officer of Community Oriented Policing Services. The program aims to advance the practice of community policing through improving relationships between police officers and community members one cup of coffee at a time.


Pomona: Police Explorer Is Optimist Youth Of The Year

Photo Courtesy:  PPD

Photo Courtesy: PPD
Optimist Youth of the Year, Serena Grajeda and Officer Ernie Rios.

Staff Reports

Pomona – The Pomona Breakfast Optimist Club has selected Pomona Police Explorer, Serena Grajeda, as their Youth of the Year. She was nominated and selected by her Explorer Post as the most outstanding Explorer in 2015. Grajeda was recognized at a recent dinner with formal Certificates of appreciation from the City of Pomona and State Assembly.

According to the Pomona Police Department, Grajeda was required to attend a 22-week Explorer Academy in order to complete the requirements of her Post – which is affiliated with the Boys Scouts of America.

Since completion of the Academy, Grajeda has served hundreds of volunteer hours in the community at special events, parades, campouts and safety checkpoints. She has worked tirelessly to develop her self-confidence, leadership and law enforcement skills through regular exercises, drills and competitions.

Grajeda plans to seek a career in law enforcement after college. She has expressed a strong desire to serve the Pomona community as a Pomona Police Officer.

Grajeda is currently a 10th Grader at Pomona Catholic High School, and enjoys her family, playing basketball and, of course, being a Police Explorer.

The success of the Explorer Program has been made possible through the support of the numerous hours of mentorship and training by the Police Officers that volunteer as Explorer Advisors. Officer Ernie Rios has been an exceptional resource for Grajeda and the other explorers.

The Pomona Police Department thanks the explorers and advisors for their unwavering commitment to the community.


Pomona Police Department Honors Officer

Lt. Ron McDonald celebrates 50th year of service to the City

Photo Courtesy:  PPD 50 year Police veteran, Lt. Ron McDonald

Photo Courtesy: PPD
50 year Police veteran, Lt. Ron McDonald

Staff Reports

Pomona – Lt. Ron McDonald was sworn in as a Pomona Police Officer by Chief Ralph E. Parker on Sept. 1, 1965.  Tues., Sept. 1 marked his 50th year of continuous service to the City of Pomona as a sworn Officer.  Prior to his service in Pomona, McDonald was a Reserve Officer and Dispatcher with the City of West Covina for two years.

According to the Pomona Police Department, McDonald currently serves as a Watch Commander in the Department’s Operations Division, where he oversees two Patrol Squads consisting of Sergeants, Corporals and Officers.  He is also responsible for overseeing the Community Service Officers who staff the front desk in the Main Station’s Lobby.

Lt. McDonald is the Area Commander for the Northwest Quadrant of the City (north of Holt Ave. and west of Garey Ave.).  As an Area Commander, he is the point man for the Department when it comes to solving chronic crime problems that are reported to the Police Department.  From gang issues to simple quality of life issues, McDonald is tasked with finding long term solutions for members of our community.

Over the years McDonald has served in the following assignments:

  • Patrol Officer
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement Unit
  • Major Crimes Task Force
  • Burglary Task Force
  • Major Narcotics Sergeant
  • Internal Affairs Sergeant
  • Detective Bureau Homicide Sergeant
  • Crime Prevention Sergeant
  • Special Events Sergeant
  • Special Operations Lieutenant
  • Tactical Flight Officer – Helicopter Observer
  • Field Training Officer Coordinator
  • LA County Fairgrounds Liaison
  • LA County Fire Liaison


With the demands of police work, very few Officers work in the field for 50 years.  When asked about his time as a Pomona Police Officer, McDonald simply stated, “It’s been an enjoyable and fulfilling career.”

Pomona: Civilian Volunteers In Patrol

Pomona Police Department seeks local residents interested in becoming CVPs

Photo Courtesy:  PPD

Photo Courtesy: PPD

Staff Reports

Pomona – The CVP program was created by the Pomona Police Department to allow civilian volunteers to help the Department achieve its goals, while helping to serve and protect the local community. CVP members play a vital role in helping to identify suspicious activities, crimes in progress (or other dangerous circumstances), and notify the authorities for proper handling. Some CVP members also help enforce the City’s parking regulations through the issuance of parking citations.
According to the Pomona Police Department, in order to be considered as a volunteer candidate for the CVP program, an individual must:
– Be an adult (18 years old)
– Complete an oral interview
– Submit to a background check
– Commit to participate in continual training classes
– Meet minimum driving standards
While CVP members are not law enforcement officers, they act as the Police Department’s “eyes and ears” in the community, requesting assistance from officers when needed. The CVPs receive training from the Department to assist with such areas as:
– Traffic Control
– First Aid and CPR
– Parking Enforcement
– Vacation and Business Checks
– Residential Patrols
– Assisting with City-sponsored events

If you have questions about the CVP Program, or would like to submit an application, please contact Officer Jung at (909) 620-3641, or Harry_Jung@ci.pomona.ca.us.


Pomona: Officer Involved Shooting

Staff Reports

Pomona – Sheriff’s Homicide detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding a Pomona Police Department Officer-Involved Shooting, which occurred near the 300 block of East Center Street in the city of Pomona on Fri., Aug. 7, at approximately 10:38 p.m.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Detectives have learned that Pomona Police Officers assigned to a joint gang suppression team accompanied by District Attorney Investigators were on patrol in the city of Pomona when they saw a Hispanic male suspect and another individual involved in a heated argument.

After the argument, the suspect rode away on his bicycle, and Pomona Police Officers attempted to detain him.  As one of the Officers exited his vehicle, he ordered the suspect to stop. Instead of stopping, the suspect rode away from the Officers westbound on Center Street.  The Officer ran after the suspect while a Pomona Officer and a District Attorney Investigator paralleled the suspect in their vehicle.

At one point during the chase, the suspect stopped his bicycle, made a U-turn, and began to ride toward the Officer who was chasing him.  The suspect then withdrew a .357 caliber revolver from his waistband and pointed it at the Officer who was chasing him on foot.  The Officer, in fear for his life, withdrew his duty weapon, fired, and struck the suspect multiple times in the upper torso.

The suspect, a 32-year old Pomona resident, was transported to a local hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

No officers were injured during the shooting.

A loaded .357 caliber revolver was recovered at the scene.

Pomona Shooting Fatality

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Wed., July 22, at approximately 2:50 a.m., Pomona Police Officers were dispatched to a shooting in the 1300 block of Caprino Way.

Upon arrival, Officers found two victims seated in the back seat of a vehicle in the driveway of a residence.

According to the Pomona Police Department, the female victim – Vanessa Renee Lopez, 28, of Pomona -was pronounced deceased at the scene.  The male victim – Manuel Flores, Jr., 30, of Pomona – was airlifted to a local hospital in critical condition.

Pomona Homicide Detectives are asking anyone with information regarding these incidents to call the Pomona Police Department at (909) 620-2085.  For anyone willing to provide anonymous information, please contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477, or WeTip at (800) 782-7463.



Pomona’s National Night Out

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Tues., Aug. 4, neighborhoods throughout the City of Pomona are being invited to join forces with thousands of communities nationwide for the “Annual National Night Out” crime and drug prevention event.

National Night Out is sponsored by the Pomona Police Department Crime Prevention Unit and the City of Pomona. They will join in the celebration with over 15,000 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military bases around the world. In all, over 37 million people are expected to participate in America’s Night Out Against Crime.

National Night Out is designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness; generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime efforts; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community partnerships; and send a message to criminals letting them know neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

Join the Pomona Police Department from 5 to 8 p.m. at 400 Civic Center Plaza (in front of the Library) in a FREE celebration that will include raffle prizes, entertainment, kid’s games and crafts. All Pomona residents are encouraged to attend.

This is a night for all of America to stand together to promote awareness, safety and neighborhood unity.

Please contact the Crime Prevention Unit with any questions at (909) 620-2318.

Pomona: G.R.E.A.T. Campout Success

Pomona Police Department hosts over 300 Pomona kids

Photo Courtesy:  Pomona PD

Photo Courtesy: Pomona PD

Staff Reports

Pomona – The Pomona Police Department in partnership with the Community Engagement Group, City of Pomona and the Pomona Fairplex, held the Annual GREAT Campout, the weekend of July 10-11.

The Campout was for Pomona residents, ages 9-12, who stayed overnight under the stars in a safe environment at the L.A. County Fairgrounds. During the Campout, activities and booths were used to promote responsibility, respect for others and positive decision making.  All campers were provided with a new sleeping bag, and dinner and breakfast were served by local community groups.

Activities during the event were sponsored by local businesses, individuals or local charitable organizations such as the Elk’s Lodge, Pomona Police Officer’s Association, Kiwanis, Western University, Lions Club, Partnership for a Positive Pomona and the Pomona Unified School District.

The event was chaperoned by Police Officers and selected citizen volunteers from the community, and provided a rare opportunity to bond with Officers in a relaxed environment – and win some fantastic raffle prizes.

If you have questions about this or any other community program offered by the Pomona Police Department, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (909) 620-2318.

Pomona: Heat Related Toddler Death

3-year old left in hot car by accident

Image Courtesy:  Google

Image Courtesy: Google

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Sun., June 21, at approximately 4:55 p.m., the Pomona Police Department received a 911 call regarding a heat-related injury on Rancho Jurupa Place.

Upon arrival, a female child was found unconscious in a vehicle after a family outing. The victim was transported to Pomona Valley Hospital in grave condition, but never regained consciousness and died as a result of the incident.

According to the Pomona Police Department, investigators do not suspect foul play at this time.  Initial findings are consistent with this incident being a tragic accident.  The parents and other siblings all believed that the victim – Kiara Li, 3, of Pomona, exited the vehicle at the same time as everyone else.

An autopsy and additional information related to his accident are still pending.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), a car’s windows act like a greenhouse, trapping sunlight and heat.  On a summer day – when temperatures outside range from 80 to 100 degrees, cars parked in direct sunlight can reach internal temperatures of up to 131 to 172 degrees – and dangerous, life-threatening temperatures can escalate within ten minutes of closing up the car – even with the windows rolled down slightly. Unfortunately, 25 children die each year from being trapped unattended in a hot vehicle.

The Pomona Police Department would like to remind citizens that this is a tragedy that can be prevented.  Be sure to check vehicles completely before exiting, and never leave children or pets in a vehicle unattended – even for a moment!

Pomona Attempted Murder Arrest

Domestic Violence incident goes from bad to worse

Photo Courtesy:  PPD Pomona Police Department

Photo Courtesy: PPD
Pomona Police Department

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Sat., June 6, at approximately 6:50 a.m., Pomona Police Officers to responded to a domestic violence incident at an apartment in the 1100 block of E. Mission Blvd.

Upon arrival, Officers found a female victim, 27, inside the residence with her 8-year old son.  The victim had allegedly been choked unconscious with an electrical power cord by her boyfriend, Francisco Javier Munoz, 26, of Ontario.  The suspect fled the scene prior to the Officers’ arrival.

The victim reportedly woke to her boyfriend striking her and trying to strangle her.  She was transported to a local hospital where she was subsequently released following treatment for her injuries.

The Pomona Police Department reported that at approximately 7 p.m. that same day, the suspect was apprehended at a park near his residence in the 1200 block of 4th St. in the city of Ontario.  Members of the Major Crimes Task Force initiated a surveillance of the suspect’s residents and observed him in the park a short time later.

Munoz was taken into custody without incident. He was booked into the Pomona Jail and is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Munoz was charged with three felony counts including attempted murder, injury, and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury – and requested that bail be raised to $1.03 million.  If convicted as charged, Munoz faces a possible maximum sentence of life plus five years in state prison.

Due to the nature of the domestic violence crime, the victim’s name has not been released.


The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office lists the suspect’s name as Francisco Javier Munozcapetillo; the Pomona Police Department lists Francisco Javier Munoz.  Both are in reference to the same individual. 

Fugitive Police Officer Captured

Murder suspect apprehended in Mexico

Photo Courtesy:  Pomona PD Captured Suspect, Henry Solis

Photo Courtesy: Pomona PD
Captured Suspect, Henry Solis

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Mar. 13 at approximately 3:30 a.m., the Pomona Police Department received multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired in the area of Third and Main streets.  The officers responding found a male victim – Salome Rodriguez, Jr., 23, of Ontario – suffering from gunshot wounds to the lower torso.  He was transported to USC Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Pomona Police Department Homicide Investigators found that the victim and off-duty Los Angeles Police Department Officer, Henry Solis, 27, of Pomona, were engaged in a physical altercation prior to the shooting.  Solis fled the scene and has remained at large since the incident.

According to the Pomona Police Department, on Tues., May 26, Solis was captured by Mexican authorities in Ciudad Juarez Mexico.  He was transferred into the custody of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, and booked into the El Paso County Jail in Texas.

Solis is awaiting extradition back to California on murder charges for the shooting death of Rodriguez.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Pomona Police Department at (909) 620-2085.  If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call “Crime Stoppers” at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).


Pomona PD Foils Kidnapping In Progress

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Fri., May 8, at approximately 5:12 p.m., officers from the Pomona Police Department’s Major Crimes Task Force conducted a traffic stop in the area of 1700 Gillette Rd. regarding a vehicle code violation. During the traffic stop, the driver of the vehicle did not immediately yield at which point a short vehicle pursuit ensued.

During the pursuit, an occupant of the suspect vehicle was seen discarding a firearm.  The pursuit finally came to a stop and three of the male occupants were taken into custody.  Carlos Gonzales, 32, of Pomona; Juan Sanchez, 22, of Pomona, and Richard Rodriguez, 29, a transient, were arrested at the scene.

A fourth occupant of the vehicle was found to be the victim of a kidnapping, who was being held captive through the use of fear tactics.  The victim was also allegedly raped by a suspect who was not present at the traffic stop.
Through an extensive investigation, the suspect of the rape was identified as Robert Lundberg, 49, of Claremont. On May 8 at approximately 11:15 p.m., Lundberg was taken into custody at the intersection of Towne Ave. and La Verne Ave. after officers saw him leaving his residence. Officers obtained a search warrant for Suspect Lundberg’s residence in order to recover the victim’s stolen property and additional evidence related to this crime.
Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Pomona Police Department at (909) 620-2085. If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call “Crime Stoppers” at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).

Arrests Made In Missing Juvenile Case

Photo Courtesy: Pomona PD

Photo Courtesy: Pomona PD

Staff Reports

Pomona – On Sat., Apr. 18, 13-year old Katherine Vance was reported missing by her parents.  Since that time, Pomona Detectives have been working diligently in locating the teen.

According to the Pomona Police Department, after multiple interviews with the victim’s family and friends, Detectives were led to a home in the 1000 block of E. Grand Avenue on Thurs., Apr. 30.  During a subsequent search of that residence, the victim was located hiding underneath the bed of her 17-year old boyfriend.

Based upon information received throughout the course of their investigation, Detectives arrested the 17-year old male, along with his mother – Wilma Brooks, 38, of Pomona – on the charges of Concealing a Child from the Parents.  The male was transported to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, and suspect Brooks is (at press time) being held in the Pomona Jail in lieu of $40,000 bail.

Victim Vance was unharmed, but based on the circumstances was taken into protective custody by the Department of Children Services pending further investigation.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Pomona Police Department at (909) 620-2085.  If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477).