Eastvale: Eat Well, Feel Happy


Have you noticed a change in your mood lately? Not feeling as happy and energetic as you used to? Food may be to blame.


Nicole Gilles, RD, CDE, CSR

During the winter months, most Americans tend to eat more starch and fat in their diets, which can leave you feeling sleepy and emotionally
unstable. High fat food, like fried food, whole fat dairy products, and fatty meats take lots of time and energy to digest. All this strain on the body may leave you in need of a nap. Large portions of starchy food, like grain products, pasta, potatoes, and sweets will cause a dramatic rise and fall in blood sugar levels. This effect may cause your mood to rise and fall as well, leaving you feeling mad or anxious. Let’s face it. We could all use a little more energy, patience, and emotional stability to help us juggle our busy lives.

So what are we to do? Small changes in the diet may help support an improved and stable mood while providing increased energy levels. Can you believe food can affect your mental health that much? If you need more convincing, try it out for a month and see how you feel. Start by making small changes like avoiding fried food and switching to low fat foods for a week. The next week, continue your previous changes and start cutting back on starchy food. If this leaves you feeling hungry, increase your portions of vegetables and/or snack on one cup of fresh fruit between meals. The decreased fat and starch intake will decrease your body’s energy demands to digest food, leaving more energy for what you want to do. The decreased starch portions and occasional fruit snack will also support level blood sugars, which will support emotional stability. Together, these small changes can make a big difference in your mental health.

Celebrate Mental Health Month this May by making small food changes to feel better by June!


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