Crime Recap

Staff Reports

Eastvale– The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, including Eastvale Police and Corona Police, have done a great job combating crime in the area. Read a recap below to see what happened in the month of July.

Eastvale – On July 4, Eastvale Police Department responded to assist Cal-Fire who was on scene of a possible overdose. The officers arrived with information that gunshots were heard and possibly someone was shot. The suspect was in a room and refused to come out. He later was identified as Thomas Williams. Williams fired multiple rounds through the door towards the officers and was not willing to cooperate. Therefore, assistance from the Corona Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department helped the Eastvale PD arrest Williams with no injuries.

Corona– On July 5, the Corona Police Department responded to a suspicious package at the Veterans Memorial located near City Hall. It was described as a newer duffel bag that was wedged between the kiosk and the building. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Hazardous Device Team (HDT) was called in and identified the package as not containing any hazardous materials or devices.

Eastvale– On July 26, the Eastvale Police Department’s Traffic Division conducted a grant-funded speed enforcement operation. It was conducted in areas where major injury and collisions happen, the operation was conducted from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. The results of the operation were: 45 citations for driving above the posted speed limit.

Jurupa Valley– On July 29, the Jurupa Valley Police Department deployed enforcement for Distracted Drivers. Not only are distracted drivers dangerous to themselves but to others as well. The results of the operations were: 7 citations were issued to drivers who were talking on their cellular phones or texting while driving and 2 of the drivers were also cited for driving without a valid driver’s license.

Jurupa Valley- On July 30, the Jurupa Valley Police Department conducted a sweep to find suspects with outstanding warrants. The officers served warrants and/or arrested offenders who had failed to appear for their scheduled court dates or who had also violated the terms of their probation in an outstanding traffic-related case. The results of the sweep were: 64 warrants attempted, and 34 warrants served.