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Crime Recap

Staff Reports

Eastvale– The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, including Eastvale Police and Corona Police, have done a great job combating crime in the area. Read a recap below to see what happened in the month of July.

Eastvale – On July 4, Eastvale Police Department responded to assist Cal-Fire who was on scene of a possible overdose. The officers arrived with information that gunshots were heard and possibly someone was shot. The suspect was in a room and refused to come out. He later was identified as Thomas Williams. Williams fired multiple rounds through the door towards the officers and was not willing to cooperate. Therefore, assistance from the Corona Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department helped the Eastvale PD arrest Williams with no injuries.

Corona– On July 5, the Corona Police Department responded to a suspicious package at the Veterans Memorial located near City Hall. It was described as a newer duffel bag that was wedged between the kiosk and the building. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Hazardous Device Team (HDT) was called in and identified the package as not containing any hazardous materials or devices.

Eastvale– On July 26, the Eastvale Police Department’s Traffic Division conducted a grant-funded speed enforcement operation. It was conducted in areas where major injury and collisions happen, the operation was conducted from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. The results of the operation were: 45 citations for driving above the posted speed limit.

Jurupa Valley– On July 29, the Jurupa Valley Police Department deployed enforcement for Distracted Drivers. Not only are distracted drivers dangerous to themselves but to others as well. The results of the operations were: 7 citations were issued to drivers who were talking on their cellular phones or texting while driving and 2 of the drivers were also cited for driving without a valid driver’s license.

Jurupa Valley- On July 30, the Jurupa Valley Police Department conducted a sweep to find suspects with outstanding warrants. The officers served warrants and/or arrested offenders who had failed to appear for their scheduled court dates or who had also violated the terms of their probation in an outstanding traffic-related case. The results of the sweep were: 64 warrants attempted, and 34 warrants served.


EASTVALE: Lopez Charged with Kidnapping and Attempted Murder


On Saturday, April 5, 2014, at 12:30 a.m., officers assigned to the city of Eastvale responded to the area of Burrage St. and Rolling Meadows St., Eastvale, regarding the report of gunshots.  Upon arrival officers located evidence that indicated someone was possibly shot and injured at that location.  Within a few minutes, they received information that an adult female suffering from several gunshot wounds was dropped off in front of a local hospital.  Officers discovered the female was shot by her estranged boyfriend, Alfredo Lopez Jr., a 33-year-old resident of Eastvale.  After the shooting, Lopez drove the victim to a local hospital, where he dropped her off outside the front door and fled the area in his vehicle.

Investigators assigned to the city of Eastvale were called in to assume control of the investigation.  Investigators received information that Lopez was in Los Angeles County and law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California were notified of this incident.  At approximately 7:05 a.m., a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted Lopez driving in the city of Hawaiian Gardens. When the deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Lopez’ vehicle, Lopez failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated.  Lopez’ vehicle became disabled and he stopped in a parking lot near the intersection of Carson St. and Norwalk Blvd., Hawaiian Gardens.  Lopez barricaded himself inside his vehicle and he refused to exit for several hours.  At approximately 2:45 p.m., Lopez exited his vehicle and was placed under arrest.

Lopez was turned over to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and transported back to Riverside County for further investigation. He was later booked into Robert Presley Detention Center for kidnapping and attempted murder.

This investigation is ongoing and anyone with additional information is asked to contact Investigator Aaron Rico at the Jurupa Valley Station at 951-955-2600.

EASTVALE: Traffic Saturations Raise Questions from Residents


(Image courtesy : City of Eastvale)

(Image courtesy : City of Eastvale)

EASTVALE – On March 25, residents contacted our Eastvale Community News Facebook about a large presence of police on Limonite. Authorities were contacted and we reported that the Riverside Sheriff’s Department was just conducting routine patrols and no major issues were reported. Later that day, the City of Eastvale released a press release explaining that the Eastvale Traffic Police Department’s Traffic Division conducted a Safety Enforcement Operation as part of its commitment to public safety. The operation was conducted at two different intersections. The first intersection was near Limonite Avenue and Sumner Avenue and the second intersection was Limonite Avenue and Hamner Avenue. This operation is one of many that will be conducted throughout the year and was done in response to ongoing citizen concerns of speeding, texting and using cellphones while driving. This operation resulted in 50 citations being issued of which 4 vehicles were towed for drivers operating without a valid drivers license. The traffic saturation, as these are commonly called, was conducted between the hours of 7am-8:30am and again from 12pm-2:20pm.

At the March 25 Safety Council Meeting, Eastvale resident, Don Pettinger,  questioned the necessity of this operation and was concerned that these types of “sweeps” give the city a bad reputation.  Pettinger addressed the commission and stated that, ”All that we (Eastvale Police Department) do is issue citations on Limonite, Hamner and Sumner and everyone kind of knows where those officers are hidden”. In response to Mr. Pettinger’s concerns, Lieutenant Yates, Eastvale’s Asst. Chief of Police, explained that the original purpose of todays traffic saturation was actually aimed towards the local schools, but when officers realized that the schools were on spring break, they made a last minute decision to instead focus on speeding, texting and drivers using cellphones. This in itself is a large issue and residents have complained about these issues frequently to The Riverside Sheriff’s Department.  Yates further explained that these types of sweeps are common and that citations are necessary because, “warnings don’t always work and so we have to issue citations because that’s how you bring traffic collisions down”.

According to Yates, the purpose of these sweeps is in direct response to community concerns. For example, Riverside Sheriff’s Department has done numerous sweeps on issues from bike safety and helmet usage, to truancy, to burglary and drug sweeps, etc. All of these sweeps have been done with the intent of improving public safety.  The issue of the City doing these sweeps in order for a revenue boost was also brought up, but City Manager Carol Jacobs, shook her head and asserted that that simply was not true. According to Jacobs, the city gets very little revenue from citations and that the amount of money from  fines and citations is merely “a drop in the bucket”.

While the need for these sweeps and saturations is definitely needed and valid, especially around our schools, many residents feel that other areas need more attention. Pettinger voiced this issue when he said, ” Eastvale’s two major problems are residential burglaries and burglaries from vehicles during the daytime hours, so  what do they do, they create saturations and shoot radar instead of giving neighborhoods saturated patrols for possible burglary activities”.  In response to this, Yates again explained how the saturations work and how revenue is generated with very little of the revenue going to the City.  Yates also explained how the Sheriff’s Department is committed to acting on the concerns of the citizens and actively trying to conduct various sweeps to increase overall public safety.

One way that the Riverside Sheriff’s Department plans on conducting strategic sweeps, is by issuing a calendar with a priority list of schools that would receive extra traffic enforcement. These saturations would be rotated by school, starting with those that have the highest need or priority. This calendar would obviously be shared only by law enforcement and city officials and not to the public. Yates hopes that continued saturations and sweeps will increase safety and cause citizens to be more aware .

The City of Eastvale and the Riverside Sheriff’s Department encourage citizens to always obey the posted speed limits, wear your seat belt(s), refrain from using a hand-held wireless telephone device while driving and follow the traffic signal movements.

Citizens may submit an anonymous crime tips using the Sheriff’s CrimeTips online form.

Eastvale: Police Conduct Daytime Curfew Checks


eastvale police curfew

(Image courtesy : City of Eastvale)

In an effort to decrease juvenile truancy rates, the Eastvale Police Dept. in collaboration with the Corona Norco School District conducted a city wide daytime curfew enforcement operation. The “sweep” took place on Friday, March 07, 2014,between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. According to a press release, the deputies patrolled the city of Eastvale in search of students who failed to report to school or left the campus without having permission to do so. While patrolling the city, deputies also checked several areas where juveniles are known for congregating, including parks, shopping centers, washes, and convenience stores. During the enforcement, several individuals were contacted, two of whom were found to be truant and were issued a citation for violating Riverside County Ordinance 9.12.030(a).

The few juveniles found to be in violation of the daytime curfew ordinance is a good indication of the positive effects the Corona-Norco Unified School District in Eastvale is having on their students by stressing the importance of regular school attendance.

The goal of this daytime curfew enforcement was to take a proactive approach to daytime curfew violators. Deputies also counseled juveniles and explained the importance of attending school on a regular basis and how failing to do so could significantly impact their future. This enforcement operation met expectations and future operations of this type are planned.

Eastvale: Fight Crime, One Neighborhood at a Time

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch (Photo Courtesy: Bing Images)


Eastvale – With the recent high “perception” of crime in Eastvale, one way to help resolve it is to get involved. Communities that participate in Neighborhood Watch Programs statistically have less crime than those that do not. The National Crime Prevention Council shows that Neighborhood Watch works because it reduces opportunities for crimes to occur. It doesn’t rely on altering or changing the criminal’s behavior or motivation, but instead relies on a cooperative partnership between neighbors and their Police Departments designed to improve security, reduce crime and combat illegal activity.

Last July, the City of Eastvale, in collaboration with L.E.A.F.F. and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, hosted a Neighborhood Watch Kick-off to get the community excited about the program. The program however, has failed to successfully get off the ground. Concerned with the lack of public involvement, the Eastvale Public Safety Commission has been asked by the City Council to ensure that the program gets back up and running again.

At the last Public Safety Commission Meeting in February, Eastvale Police Department’s Captain Danny Feltenberger spoke to the commission and audience about the Neighborhood Watch Program. According to Feltenberger, “The program is about community, not about law enforcement, and it takes a lot to keep it going, a lot of hard work.” He suggested that the commission find people who are active in the community and recruit three chairs to head up the three sections of the city. These people can then appoint block captains who will work in their neighborhoods. Training for block captains is done by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, who will send a representative to a meeting to train and prepare residents for their own neighborhood program. The hope is that once this program successfully gets going, block captains can take reports from their individual neighborhoods and report to the chair people who will then report to the Public Safety Commission and City Council. In addition to helping spread information, this “chain of communication” will also help provide a reliable way of conversing in the event of an emergency or disaster.

The City of Eastvale is a community unlike many others in that we have an extremely active social media dynamic. Many crimes have been solved and further investigated because of information shared on Facebook and other social media sites, like the City of Eastvale’s “Persons of interest Page”. The large number of law enforcement and firefighters who are active throughout the community has also helped to raise awareness and deter crime. According to L.E.A.F.F., the nation’s only law enforcement and fire fighter organization, founded in Eastvale, “We are asking that the community come together and participate. We need you all to be the eyes and ears in order to help law enforcement better do their jobs”.

According to Asst. Chief of Police, Michael Yates, at January’s Public Safety Commission Meeting, Eastvale residents have a 100% accuracy rate when identifying and calling in suspected marijuana grow houses as they are aware of the signs. This shows that residents are vigilant and active and those skills are what are needed in Neighborhood Watch block captains and participants.

The Public Safety Commission has been asked to start a subcommittee that will look into ways to help make the Neighborhood Watch program more successful. During February’s Public Safety Commission Meeting, Commission Member, Melonee Cruse, happily stepped forth and agreed to head up the subcommittee. She will now work with other members of the commission, local law enforcement and the community to further this program along.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Neighborhood Watch Chairperson or a block captain, contact Melonee Cruse at MCruse@EastvaleCA.gov, or contact Deputy Jeff Cryder at (951) 955-9225 or via email at jcryder@riversidesheriff.org.

EASTVALE: Pit Bull Injured During Suspected Burglary Arrest

According to a Riverside County Sheriff’s Press Release, a pit bull was shot and injured after charging a deputy during an attempted arrest. The dog was fired upon after it charged the Deputy and the Deputy was forced to fire two rounds at the animal in order to protect himself. The dog is expected to survive.

According to the Press Release, On Sunday, March 2, 2014, at about 2:23 p.m. Eastvale officers responded to the 12000 block of Limonite Avenue to investigate a burglary in progress. Two adult male suspects were observed removing the protective security packaging from items in the electronics department of the Target Shopping Center (Located on Hamner/Limonite). After they both exited the building, at separate times, an individual who reported the theft was able to provide a vehicle description to authorities.

Once deputies arrived on location and were able to locate the vehicle matching the description, an enforcement stop was conducted. According to the press release, “Upon making contact, the suspect opened the door to the vehicle, releasing a large pit bull that immediately charged at the deputy. The deputy was forced to defend himself and fired two rounds at the dog, striking it. The dog is expected to survive. None of the suspects or the deputies were injured during the altercation”.

The suspects were identified as Salvadore Lopez Garcia, age 38 of Fullerton, who was detained outside the business with stolen property in his possession. The second suspect was identified as Sage Hall, age 25 of Canyon Lake.

The vehicle was searched and stolen property from the business was discovered. Garcia was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center for burglary, possession of stolen property, conspiracy and providing false identification to law enforcement. Hall was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center for burglary, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is committed to the safety of the citizens of this community and will be vigilant in investigating all crimes of this nature. The Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with information about this incident to contact Deputy Myers at the Jurupa Valley Station at 951-955-2600.

EASTVALE: Hit and Run (Vehicle vs. Student)


Wednesday morning, Feb. 19, around 7:45am a 17 year old female Roosevelt student, was struck by an on coming vehicle while riding her bike. The vehicle that struck the victim did not stop and fled the scene, the suspect was driving a Silver Volkswagen, according to eyewitnesses at the scene.

“The victim was riding her bike eastbound on the north side of Citrus St. when she crossed against the red light across the rear access road to the high school,” said a witness, who will remain unidentified until the investigation is complete. “When she rode into the roadway and off the sidewalk, she was struck by the suspect’s vehicle.”

Another witness followed the suspects vehicle for around 20 minutes and contacted Eastvale Police Department. Eastvale PD Deputies promptly responded to the scene and attempted to locate both the victim and the suspect vehicle. According to students at Roosevelt, an announcement was made over the PA system asking for the unidentified student to please come to the office. Once she arrived, she was checked out and her parents were notified. Luckily, the victim was not majorly injured and walked away with only a scraped knee.

As of Wednesday morning, Police were still attempting to identify the suspect vehicle. If you see a silver Volkswagon with damage to the front or side, please contact the Eastvale PD at 951.776.1099.

EASTVALE : Suspect Leads Police on Chase Through Eastvale


Eastvale – The streets of Eastvale were alive with the sound of a helicopter and sirens early this morning. Residents reported hearing sirens and a helicopter circling the Citrus Ave. area around 3am.
According to one Eastvale resident who lives near Citrus /Sumner, “ a black vehicle crashed into a car in my neighbor’s driveway . Then the person inside the vehicle ran out of the vehicle towards their backyard and jumped over the fence to the trail/park area behind”.
As posted to our Eastvale Community News Facebook Page by a resident who lives on Morning Mist near Citrus/ Sumner, “ When I woke up this morning at 4, I heard the helicopter so I peeked out my window and saw about 8 police vehicles, an ambulance and a fire truck. They were here until about 5:30am when they were towing a vehicle from my neighbor’s driveway”.
Another resident posted to our Facebook, that she too was awakened by the incident, “ Two officers were banging on our door this morning. They had a police dog and wanted to search our backyard for a suspect. The helicopter was flying overhead”.
A suspect was in custody, according to the Riverside Sheriff’s Department, as of 8:30am this morning. This is an on-going investigation and more information, such as what charges will be filed, and if there are any more suspects, will be released later.

Eastvale: Jan. 28 Town Hall Meeting Recap


Eastvale – The Eastvale Town Hall Quarterly Meeting was held at Ramirez Junior High on Jan. 28. Various departments and organizations came to give updates and answer questions for the community. Here is a brief recap of what information was presented.

Riverside County Sheriff Report/CALFIRE Update: Asst. Police Chief Michael Yates updated the public on various crime statistics in Eastvale. He stressed the importance of Eastvale being named one of the safest cities in California (FBI Report October 2013), noting overall community involvement.

Yates says Part One crimes have declined. In the time period from Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec. 31, 2013, there were 28,982 calls, with 9,729 citations written, 43 DUI arrests, 128 injury auto accidents, 243 non-injury collisions, and zero fatal collisions. Police response time has been getting better, as well.

Many marijuana grow houses have been successfully shut down, said Yates. In 2013, 27 houses were shut down with a total of 46 houses in Eastvale overall. The Sheriff’s Department has been extremely successful with the help of the community in identifying and taking these houses down. At one point, they were seeing two houses per week, but they have seen a steady decrease over the past few weeks.

A new trend in crime in Eastvale is “fishing.” Yates says this typically involves young groups of kids out at night between midnight and 3 a.m., walking through neighborhoods checking to see if car doors are unlocked. They simply walk by and lift the handles. If cars are open, they quickly grab loose change, computers, phones, etc., and move on to the next vehicle. The money is often used to buy alcohol and drugs, as the amount of change adds up rather quickly, said Yates.

CAL/FIRE stressed the importance of fire safety, especially in the dry, drought conditions that we are currently facing. Of all the calls they have received in 2013, 72.3% were medical and 2.6% were fire related. The medic squad has taken 27 responses since it came into operation in the latter part of 2013. This has taken some of the load off of the fire engines. When the second fire station at Selby/Chandler opens, this will reduce the call volume even more, according to fire officials.

eastvale, jcsd

Ric Welch of JCSD addresses the community during the Jan. 28 town hall meeting in Eastvale. (Jennifer Madrigal)

Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD): Ric Welch of JCSD announced that Eastvale Community Park will be opening March 8. Welch also said the district has added more recreational classes for mature adults and is forming a citizen’s advisory board to receive input from residents.

Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD): The state has changed how school districts get their funding and it is now connected to local control. Money must now be tied to a local plan with community engagement. A committee with 32 people has been formed to look at relevant data (student achievement, attendance, climate of school, etc.) to establish guidelines.

CNUSD is still considering the feasibility of the “Geo Bond.” A survey was done last year and the district is still looking at the details and what the plans will be for the communities. It is important to note that Yorba Elementary School in Eastvale will be completed with or without the bond. However, the district still needs more schools, because more growth is expected in Eastvale over the next seven to ten years. The “Geo Bond” for Eastvale would most likely be used for technology, infrastructure, and safety, as well as another elementary school and possibly an alternative high school. CNUSD will be doing another public survey and hopes to make a decision early to mid-summer on whether or not to proceed with bond. If they do proceed, this bond would be on the ballot for the November election season.

Senator Roth’s Office: Roth’s office says the senator is still fighting for our funds from Vehicle License Fees (VLF). Last week, Roth was able to gain the support of Assembly Speaker John Perez. Roth’s office has decided to change the bill by splitting it into two separate parts with hopes of making it easier and more cost effective. One part of the bill is now called SB69 and will deal with the recently incorporated cities like Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee, and Wildomar. The other part of the bill will deal with annexations. The hope is that this new method will focus more on assisting new cities now. It also makes the bill more cost effective, which will make it more appealing to the governor. Roth’s office is optimistic that this is a step in the right direction.

Bill Newberry also shared that Roth has been nominated as “Legislator of the Year” for all the work he has done for Riverside County.

State Assembly Office: Assemblyman Eric Linder will be backing up Senator Roth on the Vehicle Licensing Fee issue. However, Linder’s office is focusing on AB 1438 – a bill concerning sex offenders. Currently, a sex offender can apply for a certificate of rehabilitation, and if they are successful, they do not need to register as a sex offender. AB 1438 seeks to remove this for offenders who violate children. The Assembly is also working on the surplus from Prop 30. They are hoping to have funds allocated more toward education and to put the rest away for a “rainy day” fund.

Leal Specific Plan: Asst. Planning Director Cathy Perring spoke to the public about the development of the Leal property. The property was originally part of a general plan for mixed-use, with retail, offices, etc. Although the land is not owned by the city, they are working with the Leal family to prepare a plan that will guide development. The city has asked for the public’s opinion and ideas for what the land could be used for. Please go to www.lealspecificplan.com to submit ideas and vote by February 7. The ideas will be presented to the City Council at the February 26 meeting, with action on a vision plan expected at the March 26 meeting.

Goodman Commerce Center: Goodman Birtcher is a real estate company that owns, develops and manages property. They will be investing $250 million in the City of Eastvale. The Goodman Commerce Center will be opening in Eastvale in conjunction with Lewis properties. Over the last two years, they have been meeting with constituents, planning staff, etc., on how to develop the 200 acres located in the “pan-handle” of Eastvale. The property is adjacent to the I-15 freeway off Cantu-Galleano and Bellegrave.

Some of the land will be used for industrial purposes with direct freeway access for trucks. This will limit trucks on our roads and prevent more traffic issues, according to Birtcher. The south 25 acres will be a business park and will have employee pathways and trails, which will be more visually pleasing and add to the landscape of the area. There is also a retail/commercial component of about 45 acres. It is currently zoned for a hospital, hotel, etc. Currently, this is in the conceptual stage, but it could be a draw for major retailers.

An Environmental Impact Report has been started and Goodman also plans to widen Hamner Avenue by three lanes, as well as build and maintain landscaping in that area. The commerce center has the ability to generate as many as 2,500 – 4,600 jobs to our area, according to Birtcher.

Chino Desalter Expansion Project: Joseph Blume and Cindy Miller of the Chino Desalter Authority/Butier Engineering Inc., spoke about the project, which will bring more drinking water to the cities of Eastvale, Ontario, Corona, and Norco. This part of the project, which involves placing a 30-inch diameter pipeline through Eastvale, is part of an overall expansion project of the CDA’s water treatment plant and delivery system. Once completed, expansion will provide 10 million gallons of drinking water per day to the communities. Construction is expected to start on Mississippi Drive in Eastvale and run north along Hamner Avenue to Riverside Drive. Hamner will stay open, although there will be some delays. However, no detours are expected. They also plan some night construction, using flag men, and will be working during the holiday season (Thanksgiving 2014 thru Jan. 1, 2015). There also may be some water shutdowns, but the plan is to use phasing limits in construction to keep inconveniences to a minimum. The project is expected to be completed by February 2015.

Riverside Animal Control: Mark Visyak, Animal Control Officer, spoke to the community about 2013’s statistics. In 2013, there were 1,463 calls overall. The breakdown of these calls consisted of: impounds (346), returned to owners (24), dead animal retrieval (167), citations (85), requests for patrol (329), assists to the fire department (2), assists to code enforcement (1), assists to the police (11), investigations for bites, barking, etc. (107), and lots of opossums.

Eastvale Community Foundation: The foundation announced it will start selling Eastvale decals for cars as a way to help raise money. It was announced that the Youth Scholarship Program is back. Applications will be available at Eastvale City Hall beginning Monday, Feb. 3 through May 1, 2014.

The next Eastvale Quarterly Town Hall Meeting will be held in March, with date and location to be announced.

Eastvale: Tips For Spotting “Pot Houses”


Eastvale – With yet another successful take down by the Eastvale Police of a marijuana grow house last month, we wanted to take the time to remind the community of some potential warning signs of a pot houses. As a community, we need to continue to work together to report suspicious activity to our Police Department at 951-776-1099 so we can continue to drive these houses and illegal activity out of Eastvale.
Below are some tips for spotting a marijuana grow house:
1. Windows are often covered from the inside of the residence.
2. Commercial-grade air conditioners and electrical equipment may be seen being moved or installed.
3. Individuals other than uniformed utility workers may be accessing the electrical vaults near the street.
4. Lights and televisions are set on timers, turning on and off and at the same times daily.
5. Individuals may arrive and leave within a few hours on a regular basis, and may pull directly into the garage and immediately shut the door.
6. There may be a constant humming sound.

Eastvale: Crime Recap

Staff Reports

Eastvale– The following crime incidents have been reported by the Riverside County Sheriff Department and by residents on our Eastvale News Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Eastvale CommunityNews). Our Facebook page is used to inform the community about crimes happening in the City, so we can work together to report suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Department in order to keep crime low. Here is a recap of the local crime last month.

On Dec. 13, 2013, shortly before 7:30 a.m., a home in the 14000 block of Vernal Springs Court in the City of Eastvale erupted into flames. Five engines, including a hook-and-ladder, as well as other fire personnel and numerous Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the blaze. Employees of Southern California Edison were also on scene. Later, Sheriff’s investigators obtained a search warrant and seized 645 marijuana plants. Upon further discovery, they confirmed that electricity was being bypassed illegally around the meter, which may have been the cause of the fire. This case is still under investigation.

On Dec. 16, 2013, Eastvale Police Officers investigated a series of thefts at the 7100 block of Cornflower Ct., in Eastvale. The investigation revealed that several unknown suspects approached several residences on Cornflower Ct. and opened several unlocked vehicles parked in the driveway of the residences. The unknown suspects stole car audio speakers, amplifiers, an Apple iPod and a miscellaneous amount of currency from the vehicles. The suspects fled the location on foot and subsequently entered an unknown make, color and model sport utility vehicle. A suspect named Cody Ridley, 18, was arrested on Dec. 17, 2013. The case has been forwarded to the district attorney for further action. For more information about this crime, read the story on page 1.

On Dec. 20, 2013, a local resident residing on Elmgrove in Eastvale was cited with an $1,800 citation for failing to turn down their music after officers gave two warnings. The residents were hosting a “Twerk for Santa” party that had been advertised all over various social media outlets. According to an officer at the scene, the party seemed to be attended by over 100 young high school students and quickly got out of control. The Eastvale Police were called out after local neighbors reported hearing gun shots that sounded like “fireworks”. Officers canvassed the neighborhood with K9’s and found at least three small caliber bullet shells near a parked vehicle. A resident on the scene reported seeing car loads of teenage boys fleeing the scene, slowing down and switching passengers in the vehicles. The Eastvale Police Department responded quickly and gathered evidence, questioned neighbors and party goers. One officer told our reporter on the scene that there did not appear to be any injuries as there had not been any blood found on the scene. The party was closed down and cleared out before 1 a.m.

On Dec. 21, 2013 from 7 p.m. – 3 a.m. on Limonite Avenue, west of Hamner Avenue, a DUI/Driver’s license safety checkpoint was held with Deputy Kelly Howell as the reporting officer. The Eastvale Police Department completed this checkpoint in order to screen for DUI drivers as well as unlicensed and suspended drivers. Over 1,400 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, with the following results:

•       0 DUI arrests

•       12 Field sobriety tests for DUI of alcohol

•       0 Field sobriety tests for DUI of drugs

•       18 Citations were issued for unlicensed drivers

•       6 Citations were issued for suspended driver’s license

•       2 Citations for vehicle code violations

•       5 Vehicles towed

During the checkpoint hours, patrol officers were in the vicinity contacting the public for vehicle code violations. Out of those contacts, no DUI arrests were made, and 26 citations were issued. These numbers are included in the overall operation results listed above.

The checkpoint was conducted with the assistance of the Jurupa Valley Station’s K9 Team, Special Enforcement Team, and volunteers. In addition, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Crime Analyst Unit was on scene to assist the Eastvale Police Department in processing the larger than normal volume of citations, towing records, arrest/incident reports and computer checks of various law enforcement databases.  Also, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department/Cal-ID staff was on scene assisting the Eastvale Police Department to verify the identity of those subjects arrested by utilizing their mobile identification processing system.

On Dec.26, 2013, a resident informed us via Facebook that their community cluster mailboxes were stolen in the Orchard neighborhood with cross streets Limonite & Sumner. The entire unit was removed and only the base was left. This case is currently being investigated and residents were informed by USPS that it is their responsibility to replace the unit.

Eastvale: Community And Technology Unite

By Jennifer Madrigal

Eastvale – With the availability and affordability of technology to homeowners, many have taken advantage of it and wired their homes for security. These cameras have helped to capture images of alleged thieves and burglaries in action. These images can then be enlarged and posted on social media sites so that the community can help identify the culprits. While this can lead to false accusations and a sense of paranoia, the positive aspect of being able to quickly identify and locate a suspect has seemed to outweigh the negatives. In December, a rash of burglaries occurred within the City of Eastvale and this technology, along with our active social media community came together to help identify these suspects.

Technology came to the aide of several Eastvale residents on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 when many woke up to find that their vehicles had been burglarized. Some became aware of the burglary when they realized cell phones, chargers, wallets or various other items were missing and some found their car windows smashed. Security cameras installed on several homes captured the faces of the alleged thieves in action and soon the images were posted all over Facebook. Our newspaper shared the information with the community immediately via our Facebook page (facebook.com/EastvaleCommunityNews) and the videos and images quickly spread to over 16,000 people within hours.

One of the residents hit by this rash of burglaries was Mark Ramirez, whose limousine was tampered with sometime around 2 a.m. His video surveillance system was able to capture a picture of the alleged thieves driving by in their vehicle. Ramirez contacted Eastvale Police, and said, “They came and took some good fingerprints that they left on my windows when they tried to pry it open.” Ramirez hopes that these fingerprints will help in identifying the suspects and that all charges will stick. He also shared the images and description of the vehicle with the police.

On that late Sunday morning, Police started to put together that several break-ins and trespassing of vehicles had occurred. As many as 10-15 vehicles had been part of this crime, according to residents. Soon residents began to identify and provide more information. The pictures of the suspects were a huge help to Police in capturing the individuals. Another resident, who was able to capture the alleged thieves in the act via video, said that “It became obvious that more than one of my neighbors had had their cars broken into. I have video surveillance on my house that tapes the front yard and driveway, so we decided to take a look at it. What we saw was a young male opening my truck and going through it. Luckily, I didn’t have anything of value in it and he didn’t appear to take anything. We did however get some footage of him pretty close up, and were able to upload the pictures to Facebook as well as the video.” These series of thefts occurred on the 7100 block of Cornflower Ct. and according to a news release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the suspects stole car audio speakers, amplifiers, an Apple iPod and a miscellaneous amount of currency from the vehicles. The suspects fled the location on foot and subsequently entered an unknown make, color and model sport utility vehicle.

This video and close-up picture was one of the main pieces of evidence that led to the identification of at least one of the suspects. The news release also stated that the investigation revealed several unknown suspects, including suspect Cody Ridley, 18, of Eastvale. Ridley was located and arrested on Dec. 17, 2013. The case has been forwarded to the Riverside County District Attorney’s office for prosecution and officers are continuing the investigation to obtain the identity of the remaining suspects in the crime. If you have any further information regarding this case, please contact the Eastvale Police Department by calling (951) 955-2600.