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Eastvale Approves Two More Deputies

Staff Reports
Eastvale – The Eastvale City Council recently approved to add additional law enforcement services, including two more deputies and an increase of daily patrol hours. During the City’s mid-year budget process, they approved these changes to help Eastvale stay one of the safest cities in the State.
“The Eastvale City Council has always made public safety a top priority through previous strategic plan discussions and continued that commitment through the 2021-2022 strategic plan update,” stated the City in a news release. “After the City of Eastvale residents supported Measure A, the City Council passed a resolution in April 2021, to enhance and elevate law enforcement services for the Eastvale community.”
The City added two additional special enforcement team (SET) deputies during the adoption of the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget last year. But since then, the City has continued their commitment by adding additional patrol hours and more deputies. The City stated in a social media post that they do not have plans to form their own Police Department at this time. “We are committed to our partnership with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department,” said the City in the post. “A special thank you to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for their continued partnership and dedication to help keep our community safe!” said the City.

Local Police Department Awarded Grants

Staff Reports
– The Jurupa Valley Station was recently awarded a grant totaling $102,546 to use in the cities of Eastvale and Norco. Specifically, Eastvale was awarded $53,110 and Norco was awarded $49,436.
Using these grants, the Jurupa Valley Station will roll out a police traffic services program to deter dangerous and illegal driving behaviors that increase the risk of crashes in the community. This program will run through September 2022.
“Impairment, speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors jeopardize the safety of other people on the road,” according to the Riverside County Sheriff Department. “This funding allows the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to provide necessary traffic enforcement measures with the goal of reducing serious injury and fatal crashes on our roads.”
The Sheriff’s Department stated that the grant will pay for additional enforcement measures, including:
DUI checkpoints and patrols specifically focused on suspected impaired drivers
Enforcement operations focused on suspected distracted drivers in violation of California’s hands-free cell phone law
Bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement operations focused on driver behaviors that put vulnerable road users at risk
Officer training and/or recertification: Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST), Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).
Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Warrants

Staff Reports

Eastvale – Members of the Jurupa Valley Station’s Special Enforcement Teams (SET) representing the cities of Jurupa Valley and Eastvale have been aggressively targeting illegal indoor marijuana grows throughout the cities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley in 2019.

On October 30, 2019, at 7:00 AM, members from the Jurupa Valley station’s SET with the assistance of Region 7 Gang Task Force, investigators and deputies from the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station conducted marijuana eradication search warrants at the direction of Sheriff Chad Bianco. They served seven residential search warrants within the cities of Eastvale and Jurupa Valley. 

Deputies recovered a total amount of 5,570 marijuana plants. The estimated combined full harvest street value was $11,140,000. Also, a combined theft of electrical utilities from the residences worth $583,200. Jurupa Valley and Eastvale Cities Code Enforcement were summoned to the locations and they conducted their own separate investigations into various building code violations.

The following subjects were arrested for illegal marijuana cultivation and possession with intent to sell and theft of utilities. Subsequently, they were booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center:

  1. Yang, Song, 32-year old resident of the city of Eastvale.
  2. Liu, FangMeng, 29-year old resident of the city of Eastvale.
  3. Xu, Qu, 35-year old resident of the city of Eastvale.
  4. Tan, Zhongchao, 35-year old resident of the city of San Gabriel.
  5. Chen, Chaoming, 48-year old resident of the city of Eastvale.
  6. Wu, Zeling, 38-year old resident of the city of Eastvale.
  7. Chen, Yuping, 28-year old resident of the city of Eastvale.
  8. Xu, Riko, 36-year old resident of the city of West Covina.
  9. Lin, Xinxing, 53-year old resident of China.

Anyone with further information about this incident is encouraged to call Deputies Hughes and Boggs at the Jurupa Valley Station, 951-955-2600.

Jurupa Valley Deputy Involved Shooting

By Anthony Saude

Jurupa Valley – On Monday, December 4 a deputy from the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s station identified a vehicle that had been reported stolen earlier in the day. The deputy pulled the vehicle over to on a traffic stop near the area of Bellegrave Avenue and Van Buren to verify it was indeed the stolen vehicle.

During the traffic stop the suspect in the vehicle put the car in reverse and rammed into the the patrol unit several times and a deputy involved shooting occurred. The suspect took off and the deputy sped after the vehicle in pursuit. A short time after the pursuit began the suspect stopped and got out of the vehicle. He fled to the river bottom and ignited the car as well as the vegetation near Riverdale Place. Cal-Fire and Riverside County Fire responded to the report  of the fire to assist the Riverside City fire with the vegetation Fire.

It was reported that the Riverside Police Department assisted in locating the suspect, and after a brief struggle the suspect was arrested. Two Riverside Police Department officers sustained minor injuries during the struggle. The suspect, Clinton Althizer, 40 of Jurupa Valley was transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation. The deputy whose car was rammed into by the suspect was taken to a local hospital as a precaution for observation. The Riverside County Sheriff’s department sent the Central Homicide Unit out to assume the investigation.

Althizer was released from the hospital as was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center located in the City of Riverside. He was booked for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace office, vehicle theft, and possession of stolen property, attempted assault on a peace officer, evading, and arson.

The deputy involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative as per Department policy. The deputy’s name won’t be released at this time. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department encourages anyone with information regarding the incident to contact Central Homicide Unit Investigator Stoyer at (951) 955-2777

Crime Recap

Staff Reports

Eastvale– The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, including Eastvale Police and Corona Police, have done a great job combating crime in the area. Read a recap below to see what happened in the month of July.

Eastvale – On July 4, Eastvale Police Department responded to assist Cal-Fire who was on scene of a possible overdose. The officers arrived with information that gunshots were heard and possibly someone was shot. The suspect was in a room and refused to come out. He later was identified as Thomas Williams. Williams fired multiple rounds through the door towards the officers and was not willing to cooperate. Therefore, assistance from the Corona Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department helped the Eastvale PD arrest Williams with no injuries.

Corona– On July 5, the Corona Police Department responded to a suspicious package at the Veterans Memorial located near City Hall. It was described as a newer duffel bag that was wedged between the kiosk and the building. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Hazardous Device Team (HDT) was called in and identified the package as not containing any hazardous materials or devices.

Eastvale– On July 26, the Eastvale Police Department’s Traffic Division conducted a grant-funded speed enforcement operation. It was conducted in areas where major injury and collisions happen, the operation was conducted from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. The results of the operation were: 45 citations for driving above the posted speed limit.

Jurupa Valley– On July 29, the Jurupa Valley Police Department deployed enforcement for Distracted Drivers. Not only are distracted drivers dangerous to themselves but to others as well. The results of the operations were: 7 citations were issued to drivers who were talking on their cellular phones or texting while driving and 2 of the drivers were also cited for driving without a valid driver’s license.

Jurupa Valley- On July 30, the Jurupa Valley Police Department conducted a sweep to find suspects with outstanding warrants. The officers served warrants and/or arrested offenders who had failed to appear for their scheduled court dates or who had also violated the terms of their probation in an outstanding traffic-related case. The results of the sweep were: 64 warrants attempted, and 34 warrants served.