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Upcoming Events In Eastvale

Staff Reports

Eastvale – There are a variety of family fun events coming up in Eastvale that you don’t want to miss.

JCSD is hosting their annual Fall Festival on Saturday, October 1. The event will take place from 3 pm to 9 pm at Harada Heritage Park, 13099 65th St. in Eastvale. Enjoy a red wagon parade, pumpkin patch, family fun zone, food vendors and a haunted maze. For more information, visit

The 11th annual Eastvale State of the City will take place on October 6, at 6 p.m. The State of the City will be held at VantagePoint Church, 8500 Archibald Avenue in Eastvale. Following the State of the City will be the Taste of Eastvale event, which will feature unlimited food from 25 of the City’s best eateries. Those that attend the video portion of the State of the City will receive free entry to Taste of Eastvale. Residents who do not attend the video portion will be required to pay $10 to enter, according to the City.

Another fun fall event will take place on Friday, October 14 at VantagePoint Church. Come by the “Hay, It’s Harvest” event from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Your family will enjoy a hayride, petting zoo, pony ride, face painting, balloon animals, a giant slide, kids activities, food trucks and more!

If your family loves spooky fun, stop by the City’s annual Eek!Vale event on Saturday, October 22 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday, October 23, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will take place at 13200 Citrus Street, Eastvale. You will enjoy a fun haunted house tour and haunted maze, pumpkin derby, pumpkin patch, live music, rock walls, inflatables, food trucks, and cultural vendors and art displays. The Eastvale Girls Softball Association (EGSA) will also co-host the annual trunk-or-treat event. All vendor inquiries can be directed to

Another great event is Calvary Chapel Eastvale’s annual Bright Night on October 31. The event will take place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Orchard Park. Come enjoy a free event of decorated booths, candy, jumpers, music, and food. Visit for more information.

If you’re looking for something scarier on October 31,stop by the Coffin Creek Haunted House located at 14600 Baron Rd., Eastvale CA. 92880. Coffin Creek has haunted attractions and the Dark Shadow Market. Visit their spooky website at for more information.

City of Eastvale News Complete Print Edition – September 2022

The City of Eastvale News covers local news for Eastvale, Norco, Corona, Jurupa Valley, Mira Loma, Chino, Chino Hills and more. Click the following link to access the complete issue in pdf format:

Fear of the Light

By Michael Armijo

   Doug was a simple guy who had worked hard to be “normal.” His upbringing wasn’t the best, but Doug beat the odds and found life within his spiritual realm. He found God and decided that his true place in life was with Him; he wanted to come out of the darkness and stand strong into the light.

   One day Doug stood in line at the mini mart when a young woman walked in. He immediately noticed her long brown hair, her beautiful eyes, and her slightly crooked smile. She raced in, dropped a fifty-dollar bill on the floor, and she didn’t notice a thing.

   As he hesitated, Doug remembered his obligation to be honest. He remembered that he attends church on Sunday, and for that he just has to do what’s right. But he didn’t. The little voice in Doug’s conscience whispered: “Pick up the money put it in your pocket.”

   He picked up it up, placed it in his pocket, and turned the negative into a positive by bragging about how “lucky” he was.

   Soon after, he re-examined his actions and tried to justify them. He thought to himself: “God wanted me to have this money; he knew how much I needed it.” And then the guilt set in. He wasn’t comfortable attending church on Sunday, and began to run from his guilt by not caring anymore. Doug was now lost to guilt and temptation.

   Several weeks went by and Doug’s dishonesty grew. He felt content about his new place because he received things he didn’t earn; he took things that he didn’t deserve. His cheating the system helped him receive tangible items that he usually couldn’t afford. And then one day a friend invited him back to church and Doug was faced with a very powerful decision: Do I continue my wicked ways, or do I go back to the light?

   If Doug was to give up his newfound lifestyle, he would then have to change what he was taking from others. He would have to exchange his financial riches for spiritual ones. Honesty would once again have to prevail in his life. All the taking, which had grown into an unstoppable disease, would have to subside into giving.  But Doug was afraid of doing what was right.

   I believe that honesty doesn’t just “happen,” and to many, honesty has to be taught. To find a ‘God’- which is a true icon of honesty- is just an uncomfortable feeling that’s unfamiliar and sometimes uneasy to people.

   And although life has given me unpredictable waves that have created confusion within my own life, I sometimes still believe. And sometimes, I HAVE TO believe. I believe that there’s something out there, a higher power, an incredible universe that shines brighter than ever imaginable. I believe that when we smile uncontrollably, when we feel the presence of happiness, we draw from this power that fills our hearts with a specific peace. There are times when it’s unexplainable, when you just can’t pinpoint why. And I believe that it’s at those times we truly feel the power and the benefit of this light.

   And I hope for Doug, and for many others who have subsided into the darkness of life, that they overcome their fears. The fear of feeling content about love, affection, honesty, truth, intimacy, and the fear of anything that’s good. Because this life we live each day really is a good one, once when we pursue the truth. When we’re able to be honest and content about who we really are, where we’re going, and what we believe in. These are the elements that I believe, are the true ones that keep us free from sin, free from pain, and free from being fearful. Once we overcome these fears we’re able to openly feel the glorious rays that come from that wonderful place, which one day will guide our hearts and minds away from the deep, dark place that’s filled with the darkness filled fear of the light.

Always Listen

By Melody Kraemer

I met my husband back in high school. When he walked by, my heart did a skip, and I knew I had to meet him.

Neither one of us knew at that moment when we met each other we were soul mates. We dated through school and were known as “high school sweethearts.”

After graduation, his family moved out of state, and I went with them. Over time I got homesick and returned to Calif with him. Eventually, we went our separate ways. He married and had a family, and I married and had a family. Once in a while, our paths would cross. In hindsight, I think it was our hearts trying to find each other.

Years went by, and my marriage fell apart. Also, so did his. Our paths crossed again, and we were married shortly after that. We had been out of high school for 20 years, but the heart didn’t care; the love never faded. Looking back, we have always been soul mates, and God kept trying to put us together, but we were too blind to see.

It’s been almost 20 years since we said I do. I couldn’t be happier. Now, like any other marriage, it’s not perfect and has its up and downs. But our hearts and souls are happy.

Along these 20 years of marriage, we had two boys. They are three years apart. Both of them are on the spectrum. It’s not easy. But thankfully, I am married to my best friend, who is my rock. He’s my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I am thankful God didn’t differ from His plan for us and brought us together.

Lesson learned we need to listen to our hearts and hear God’s word. Regardless if it’s not logical, it will all work out. Who are we to question God’s plan for us?

All I can say is the heart knows what the heart wants, and God knows what He is doing, even though we may not. Being married to your soul mate is the absolute best.

Psalm 37:4-5 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

Melody Kraemer is the Editor and Publisher of Follow her on Instagram @lifewithmelody_k and For more information or general encouragement, feel free to email her at:

Through The Fire

By Pastor Dennis Morales

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God…”. Isaiah 43:2,3

The kingdom of Judah seemed to fear Babylon’s army and captivity. This verse is comforting because God encourages His people through the most difficult of circumstance and guides them. This is a reminder that He is not just with us in times of blessing, but also in difficulty. Sometimes our trials come in the way of waters, or rivers, or even fire. I’m reminded of the three friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, thrown into the fire because they wouldn’t bow down to an idol. They were thrown into the furnace but didn’t burn. The King who had them sentenced to death looked into the fiery furnace and quickly realized they were not alone. The Lord was with them in the fire. Imagine the conversation they had with the Lord! (Daniel 3:19-25). What is your conversation like when you realize God is in total control of your trial? When you realize that the “flame is NOT consuming you?” Where do you turn when things get difficult? Seek the one who created the waters, rivers, and fire. The One who has dominion over them. When king Hezekiah was sent a threatening letter from the enemy, he took this letter and spread it before the Lord. God told him to go to sleep. And he did! He woke up to a defeated enemy army. (2 Kings 19:35)

We are reminded to “fear not” in Scripture. In fact the Bible mentions “fear not” 365 times. That’s one “fear not” per day. Scripture tells us “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18). The emphasis on “all circumstance,” great or small. Whether it be water, river, or fire, the Lord is with you. Won’t you trust Him today?

Calvary Chapel Eastvale meets Sundays 8:30 & 10:30 am at Eastvale Elementary. Visit their website at Download their app to be up to date on all events. Livestream, YouTube live, and Facebook live is available.

Pray for your Kids and Grandkids

By Mark Hopper

University of Arizona baseball Coach Jerry Kendal shared a wonderful story at a Men’s Conference I attended in the 1980’s. When Jerry was a young boy he burst into his grandfather’s bedroom while Jerry was playing hide and seek with his siblings. He was startled to find his grandfather kneeling by his bed in prayer. When Jerry tried to apologize his grandfather told him to not worry – he said he was just praying for Jerry.  

I’m sure that every parent and grandparent prays for their children and grandchildren every day. I always prayed for their health and safety.  And I prayed for their faith, their friends and their future.

I prayed that they would have a vibrant personal faith in Christ. Each generation must decide for themselves if they will become followers of Jesus. Parents and grandparents can sow the seeds of faith in the next generation but each one must decide for themselves who they will follow. The Old Testament leader Joshua said he and his family chose to follow the Lord (Joshua 24:15).

Friends are a vital part of a child’s development. This is true for young children and teenagers, too. Friends have a large influence in a child’s development. Teenagers are impacted by peer pressure too. Friends also provide encouragement and reassurance during those formative teenage years. Friends can draw your children closer to God or steer them away from Him. I prayed for good friends with a common faith.

I also prayed for their future. I prayed God would help them in their studies and guide them in their choice of careers. I also prayed they would find a spouse who shared their faith and values.

Author Tim Kimmel wrote a book titled – Extreme Grandparenting. In his book he emphasized how important grandparents are in the lives of their children and grandchildren. One of the most important things they can do is to pray for their children and grandchildren. The Apostle Paul instructed older men and women to live lives that the younger generations would follow (Titus 2:2-4). I’m sure this included prayer. Let me encourage you to pray for your children and grandchildren every day. Pray for their faith, friends and future. Pray for their health and safety too. You will be glad you did and they will too. 

Read 365 more stories and articles (one for every day of the year) in the book Let me Encourage You by Mark Hopper. You can purchase two copies for only $30 plus postage ($5). Buy one for yourself and one to give a friend. Order your copies at

Eastvale Community Events

Staff Reports

Courtesy: City of Eastvale; Several local residents enjoyed the last EATSvale Food Truck Festival

Eastvale – The last EATSvale Food Truck Festival and the National Night Out event were both a success. There were various pictures of both events. Check out the list below for several new events coming to Eastvale in the next month.  

The final EATSvale Food Truck Festival event of the year will take place on August 26 at 13200 Citrus Street. The time was modified to 5 pm to 10 pm so local resident can beat the heat. This last EATSvale festival will be Safari-themed. Come by for a night of food, games, music, beer, and more. Interested vendors may contact

Courtesy: City of Eastvale; Children of all ages loved the last EATSvale Food Truck Festival

The 4th Passport Day will be held at 8 a.m. on August 20 at Eastvale City Hall. The first 100 individuals will be able to check in with a QR code, receive an estimated return time, and are welcome to leave after check-in. This event will be on a first come, first serve basis and no appointments will be available. Form of payment accepted include personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Separate payments must be made for the passport fee and the processing fee. For any specific questions, please email

Another event that will take place will be the annual 9/11 memorial ceremony. The ceremony will take place at 6:45 a.m. on Sunday, September 11th at Fire Station 27, located at 7067 Hamner Ave. The ceremony will feature a moment of silence, a presentation of the flags, a singing of the national anthem, and a few dignitary remarks as we come together to honor the lives lost.

The next event will be the Eastvale Leadership Academy. This six-week program will begin on September 15 and conclude on October 27. This program will take place every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Eastvale Leadership Academy will walk you through the day-to-day operations of City Hall staff. To submit an application, please visit Applications are due August 31.

The last event is the 11th annual Eastvale State of the City on October 6, at 6 p.m. The State of the City will be held at VantagePoint Church, 8500 Archibald Avenue, Eastvale.

Each year, the City “honors several members or groups in the community who have made meaningful contributions to the city through volunteering, acts of kindness, and active community participation,” stated the City.

This year, they’ll recognize one individual, one community group, and one youth group at the State of the City. To apply or nominate someone you know, visit

Courtesy: City of Eastvale; this lucky resident was able to sit on top of a Police Officer’s motorcycle at this year’s National Night Out event.
Courtesy: City of Eastvale; several children enjoyed the day at this year’s National Night Out, including petting horses.
Courtesy: City of Eastvale; a young girl smiled as looked at this Law Enforcement jeep.
Courtesy: City of Eastvale; Law Enforcement enjoyed themselves at this year’s National Night Out

Special Olympics Coming to Eastvale

City of Eastvale

Staff Reports

Eastvale – The City announced its first ever Special Olympics season is expected to begin September 10 and end on November 13.

Special Olympics Southern California “combines sports, education, and health to enrich the lives of 35,000 athletes each year,” stated the City. “The City of Eastvale is honored to work with this organization to bring FREE recreational opportunities for those who might not otherwise be able to participate in other programs.”

The program will include soccer, softball and tennis. The goal would be to enroll at least 8 participants in each sport so teams of 4 can compete against one another.

To register as an athlete, you must be 8+ years old and be identified by an agency or professional as having one of the following conditions: intellectual disability, cognitive delays as measured by formal assessment, or significant learning or vocational problems due to cognitive delay that have required specially designed instruction. You can register at by the deadline of September 1, 2022.

Coaches and volunteers are also needed for this program. “No experience is necessary as all volunteers will undergo special training,” stated the City. “We’re just looking for someone with a big heart and an eagerness to learn!”

Requirements for a coach include:

– Must be 18+

– Must pass a background check

– Finish a training course through Special Olympics

– Commit to practices once a week (dates and time are pending)

If you are interested in playing or volunteering, visit

For more information about the Special Olympics, email For questions pertaining to Eastvale’s program you can email

Crime Recap

Photo courtesy: Riverside County Sheriff Dept; Pictured: Steven Schultz

Staff Reports

Eastvale – In the last month, several crimes took place in the City of Eastvale and Norco. The information listed below is courtesy of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

INCIDENT: Shooting Suspect Arrested

Location: Norco

Details: On August 10,2022, about 11:13 A.M., deputies from the Norco Sheriff’s Station responded to a report of a shooting inside a residence in the 4400 block of Valley View Avenue in the city of Norco. Upon arrival, deputies located a male adult suffering from a gun shot wound. The victim was transported by ambulance to an area hospital, where he remains in critical condition.

While at the residence, deputies detained an adult male determined to be involved in the shooting. Investigators from the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station responded and assumed the investigation. Preliminary investigation revealed this incident was the result of a family dispute involving parties that lived at the location. Gary Haneline, a 78-year-old resident of Norco, was arrested and booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center for assault with a firearm.

This is an on-going investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call Investigator Morgan at the Jurupa Valley Station by calling (951)955-2600.

INCIDENT: Threat of Workplace Violence

Location: Eastvale

Details: On July 19, 2022, deputies from the Jurupa Valley Station responded to a business in the 5000 block of Goodman Way in the city of Eastvale, regarding a threat of workplace violence. Deputies learned an employee at the business, later identified as Steven Schultz, a 43-year-old resident of Apple Valley, made concerning statements of violence to several other employees. Deputies arrived to the business and arrested Schultz without incident. A search warrant was prepared and executed at Schultz’s residence in Apple Valley. Multiple un-serialized firearms, known as “ghost guns”, were located, along with high capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Preliminary investigative findings suggest Schultz was manufacturing ghost guns at his residence. Schultz was booked at the Robert Presley Detention Center and charged with numerous felony violations, to include criminal threats and weapons charges. He is being held in lieu of $1,000,000 bail.

This incident is an excellent example of the “See Something, Say Something” philosophy and how critical it is to report suspicious activity to law enforcement. The actions taken by the suspect’s co-workers were instrumental in this case. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is committed to safeguarding the communities we proudly serve. In situations such as this, the smallest details often prove critical to preventing acts of violence and should be reported at once by calling 911.

Anyone with additional information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Cpl. Schofield at the Jurupa Valley Station by calling 951-955-2600.

Photo courtesy: Riverside County Sheriff Dept
Photo courtesy: Riverside County Sheriff Dept

Pine Ave Construction Begins

Photo courtesy: City of Eastvale

Staff Reports

Eastvale/Chino – Construction has now begun on Pine Avenue between West Preserve Loop and Harvest/Homecoming due to the development of the Town Center at The Preserve in Chino.

“Improvements include widening the road to 5 lanes, 2 new traffic signals, repaving of Pine and installation of underground utilities & center medians,” stated the City. “Once completed, this project will relieve congestion & improve traffic flow on Pine Avenue.” The project is slated to be completed in Spring 2023.

Congestion is expected to increase due to the construction, so local residents are encouraged to use the alternative route on Archibald to Merrill.

Residents are also encouraged to bookmark for updates or sign up for alerts by visiting

City of Eastvale News Complete Print Edition – August 2022

The City of Eastvale News covers local news for Eastvale, Norco, Corona, Jurupa Valley, Mira Loma, Chino, Chino Hills and more. Click the following link to access the complete issue in pdf format:

Summertime: A Time for Renewal

By Nancy Stoops

We all work really hard creating a lifestyle that provides us comfort and allows us to purchase the things that provide us joy. For me, as much as I love my work, I too need breaks. I usually take some time off in the winter and in the summer. I love to do some travelling as well as stay home and just float in my pool. I know when I start looking at the clock during sessions I’m due for a break. I know this means it’s time to put back into myself. I know I need some rest and relaxation.

Burn out can happen in many professions. I know I’m no good to my clients or anybody else when I feel empty. This is when I know I need to spend some time floating in my pool or travelling to a new destination. I love the warmth of summer and being able to spend some wonderful time in the water. I love being able to be on vacation and just move at a slower pace. I also know that when I take some time to relax, when I do return to work I’m a better and more effective therapist.

I think if we run on empty for too long without allowing time for renewal we can become resentful and sometimes even ill. It’s important when your body indicates it’s time for a break that you listen and honor what is being requested of you. Whatever needs to be done will be there waiting for you after you get rejuvenated. So enjoy some down time and go out and just play for a while. Go to the beach, take an evening walk or do some travelling. Reward yourself for all of your hard work and take some time just for you to rest and relax and to just enjoy yourself. It’s the perfect season to put some back into yourself and to just go slower!!!!!

This article was written by Nancy Stoops M.A., M.F.T. Nancy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Nancy runs free family support groups, a group on loss for seniors, and groups for teens. For more information about any of these services feel free to contact her at (909)229-0727. You may e-mail Nancy at You may purchase Nancy’s books Live Heal and Grow and Midnight the Therapy Dog at

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By Michael Armijo

   While at the ATM drive-through, a woman straddled both lanes in a two-lane isle.  I’ve been there a thousand times and not one person has ever straddled these lanes, they just pick one.  Sometimes the line moves quickly, other times you have to wait while the cars next to you move right through.  It’s a gamble, but we make a decision and we accept it. 

   Maybe it was the long day or maybe I just felt short-tempered, but while the woman straddled the lanes, I went around her car, and I picked the left lane.  She got out of her vehicle and told me; “I’ve been waiting, you can’t go around me.”  I explained the unwritten policy of the drive-through ATM machine.  She angrily got back into her car and waited again.  As I drove up to the machine, I felt so uncomfortable.  I knew she never should’ve sat there and straddled both lanes, but who am I to react to her misdirection?  The uncomfortable feeling made me sick inside, I knew that I never should’ve gone around her.  So I backed up, allowed her to go first, calling out to her; “I’m sorry, go ahead of me.”  She pulled up to the machine, finished her transaction, and her last words were; “Thank you for being fair.”

I believe the true essence of being a complete individual begins with the ability to communicate.  The ability to express yourself and present issues, views, and concerns in a dignified, fair, and an understandable manner.  To simply be a human being.

Simple people do not get caught up in the unfairness in life.  They do not listen with anger and respond with vengeance.  They see light and are drawn to it.  They’re clear individuals that can respond with solutions and not just complain.  They respond instead of react.  And it’s their simplicity that keeps them humble and dignified.  Simple people see or experience tragedy and work through it and not around it.  This keeps them complete and understanding.

I also believe in responsibility.  Not to just go to work, pay the mortgage, and get the kids to school, but also to enforce responsibility inside, not just on the surface.  To not just promote a good life but to actually live it from the inside outward.  In a person’s life, responsibility also includes our jobs, our actions towards society, towards our fellow man.  Not to act like a good person, but to actually think, feel, and believe in the goodness of being a good person.

When I pulled in front of the woman at the ATM machine, I knew she was misdirected, and yet I reacted to her misdirection instead of responding to it.  If it meant that much to me to not wait behind someone who couldn’t make a decision, I should’ve communicated with her.  And if it didn’t mean that much to me, then I just should’ve waited behind her and not given it another thought.  Instead, I almost ruined her entire day, and who knows what that could’ve done to her family and friends.

I believe that we, as a society, need to remember how important and how powerful we really are.  We need to understand the true meaning of sharing experiences, applying yourself, being honest, open, and sincere.  It will bring you peace when you remember that you have so much to contribute to life, let’s not waste it on bitterness, anger, frustration, or unfairness.  Instead, let’s focus on the good things.

The power we hold within ourselves is worthless when we misdirect our hearts by allowing our minds to take over.  I believe the truest form of life is not just having the power to get your way, but having the power to help others find their way.  And when we see this powerful light that shines from within, we can capture it and allow those rays of sunshine to help our heart glow with a magnificent gleam that reminds us that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Local Eastvale Athletes Recognized

Staff Reports

Courtesy: City of Eastvale

Eastvale – Eastvale athletes are thriving in their sports this year. 

Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS) athletes and their teams were recently recognized at the last Eastvale City Council Meeting. The City Council honored them for competing at the 2022 CIF-SS Division Championship.

“Their hard work, commitment, and dedication to excellence is something to be celebrated,” stated the City.

Congratulations to the following teams and individual athletes:

  • Naomi Johnson
  • Karyssa Owens
  • Hunter O’Brien
  • Girls Varsity Track and Field Team
  • Girls varsity Softball Team

Another team that is also thriving is the 12U Allstar Girls team who won back-to-back tournaments last month. They were District Finalists and qualified for States. They did so well they qualified for Regionals in San Diego! Congratulations to these athletes!

Here We Grow: Construction Updates

Staff Reports

Photo courtesy: City of Eastvale

Eastvale – There are several updates on construction in the City.

The Hamner Avenue Bridge and Widening project is expected to be complete in Spring 2023. In 2020, the City of Norco and the Riverside County Transportation Department began this $71-million-dollar project. “Once complete, the Berwin Hanna Bridge on Hamner Avenue over the Santa Ana River will be 1,200 feet long and 12-foot-wide travel lanes,” stated the City. “Last week crews were placing 800 cubic yards of concrete in the bridge interior of the northern segment. Crews were also stripping the beams and wood forms on the western span.”

The Homestead project over on Limonite and Archibald Avenue is nearly complete as well. “All six shells are up, and each passed the final building inspection approval stage,” stated the City. “Building 5 is already occupied and Planning is working with potential tenants to fill the rest of the industrial space.

Another update to the City is that a new outfield fencing was installed around the two existing ballfields at McCune Family Park. JCSD Parks & Recreation Department recently installed new bullpens, fence toppers, and foul poles.

Other updates include economic development in the local area. Here are updates provided by the City:

  • Hamner Place is slowly but surely moving along! A few businesses coming to Hamner Place include Churro Bar and Crimson Coward Nashville Hot Chicken!
  • The Staybridge Suites Hotel has recently submitted structural revisions to the City that are now being reviewed.
  • Hero’s Restaurant & Brewery also recently submitted plans to the City that are currently under review as well. It’s expected to open late 2022/early 2023.
  • 99 Ranch Market and the Cravings Food Hall continues to make progress every day! It should be open early 2023.

“We appreciate the community’s patience on big projects like these. We are excited for these spaces to open and can’t wait to see them being enjoyed in the near future!” stated the City.

Crime Recap

Staff Reports

Norco – The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Norco Station, conducted a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) enforcement operation within the city of Norco on July 1 and July 9.

These were the results of the operation on July 9:

  • 38 vehicle stops
  • 30 citations issued
  • 1 unlicensed driver

These were the results of the operation on July 1:

  • 33 vehicle stops
  • 29 citations issued
  • 2 field sobriety tests
  • 0 drive’s arrested

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department wants to remind the public about the importance of being safe and sober when you are driving. They provided the below statement:

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is dedicated to keeping the public safe and urges people to stay at home or use a designated sober driver if you plan to drink.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department reminds the public that impaired driving is not just from alcohol. Prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and marijuana can also impair, especially in combination with alcohol and other drugs. Do your research and understand how certain drugs you are taking may affect your driving ability.

Always follow directions for use and read warning labels about “driving” or “operating heavy machinery,” which includes driving a vehicle. While medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal, driving under the influence is not.

If you plan on drinking or taking medications that may impact your ability to drive safely, plan on staying at home.

Drivers caught driving impaired and charged with DUI can face an average of $13,500 in fines and penalties, and a suspended license.

Funding for these operations is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Upcoming Eastvale Events

Staff Reports

Eastvale – Events take place in Eastvale every month. Below is a list of local events you can save the date for. –

JCSD is hosting their 65th Street LIVE! Concerts in the Park every Friday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Harada Heritage Park, 13099 65th St, Eastvale. Come enjoy a night under the stars with great music and amazing food. The bands that will be playing are: Space Oddity (tribute to David Bowie) on July 29; Elton and the Early Years (Tribute to Elton John) on August 5; DSB (Tribute to Journey) on August 12.

JCSD is also hosting their Movies in the Park series on Saturdays around 8 pm at Half Moon Park. ERHS Booster Club provides a Snack Bar booth as well. Follow them on Facebook to verify dates and which movie will be playing. 

The EATSvale Food Truck Festival will also take place on July 29. The Food Truck Festival will be held at 13200 Citrus Street in Eastvale. More information will be updated soon.  

The City of Eastvale will be hosting this year’s National Night Out event on August 2 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Harada Heritage Park. “National Night Out promotes police-community partnerships and unity in the community,” stated the City. The event will feature a public safety meet and greet, interactive demonstrations, live music, kids activities, raffles, bouncers, food, and giveaways. Several local agencies will also be in attendance, supporting our annual community-building campaign.

The last event is the 11th annual Eastvale State of the City event on Thursday, October 6, at 6:00 p.m. The State of the City event will be held at Vantage Point Church, 8500 Archibald Avenue, Eastvale. This year’s theme will be “Envision Eastvale”. The City said: “We’re excited to spend the night envisioning the city’s future!”

City of Eastvale News Complete Print Edition – July 2022

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Melody Kraemer

When I think all is calm and I’m finally getting a grasp on things, something comes along that shakes my world.

Oh, these last few days haven’t been easy, though.  It’s summer and the kids are out of school. I have one that will be going into Jr high and one into high school in the fall. It may seem like a small change and butterflies in the stomach entering into a new environment. But…in the autism world, it’s more like buffalos in the stomach, the gut-wrenching feeling of the unknown.

I got comfortable with our team at the school. Yes, there’s a team for my boys. It’s not only the teachers; so many more people are involved. I am sure that trying to schedule an IEP with all involved is very hectic, so my schedule best be open when I get that notice. 

Two new schools, two new teams, new faces, a new environment, new bus drivers, new schedules, and so on have given me more anxiety than I care to deal with.

As I am trying to deal with this anxiety and grasp what is to come, I tell myself, let’s enjoy these summer months and put those anxiety feelings on hold. That’s easier said than done when I realized my youngest, semi nonverbal autistic child, got into my passcodes and decided he wanted to order a $3000.00 playset for the backyard from Amazon. Plus other items he decided he wanted. I canceled all the orders except the $3000.00 one. Having put my anxiety on the back burner, it’s now up front and center. I have to take a deep breath and remind myself  Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here’s to a wonderful happy, stress-free summer.

Melody Kraemer is the Editor and Publisher of Follow her on Instagram @So_Cal_Autism_Mom_Adventures and  For more information or general encouragement, feel free to email her at:

New Hillcrest Baptist Church Pastor

Nathan King

Hillcrest Baptist Church is pleased to congratulate and welcome Matthew Miles as its new pastor. Pastor Matt has served as an Assistant Pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Lacey, WA since 2017. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from West Coast Baptist College in Lancas-ter, CA and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He and his wife, Rizza, have three wonderful children.

Our church is excited to have Pastor Matt with us starting in July. We invite our community and neighbors to our church every Sunday morning at 10:30am! The meeting location is at Vandermolen Elementary (6744 Carenlian St. Mira Loma, CA 91752). Our church also provides children and nursery programs. In addition, we provide a Chinese service for those that are comfortable with Mandarin. For more information about our church, go to or give us a call at 951-357-6737. Please pray for our church in these exciting times!