Speedy Italian Meatballs With Smoked Tomato Linguine

Photo Courtesy Hello Fresh

By Hello Fresh   There’s a reason why spaghetti and meatballs is typically a Sunday night dinner—it takes hours to make! This version uses Italian sausage as a meatball shortcut, eliminating extra prep while adding delicious flavor. Smoky paprika gives this marinara a unique kick. Cooking Time: 30 min Nutrition: Calories: 839 cal, cal | […]

It’s Holiday Tamale Time At The Whole Enchilada


Staff Reports   Diamond Bar – Christmas is just around the corner, so let the planning begin!  The Whole Enchilada will be your holiday partner with dozens of possibilities including catering, a night away from cooking during this busy season, and delectable holiday tamales. From delicious platters and entrée meals to taco bars, The Whole […]

Great Harvest Comes To Eastvale


By K.P. Sander Eastvale – Close your eyes and imagine being in a bakery, early in the morning. Smell that? That amazing sensory delight is a perfect wheat kernel that has been magically transformed into warm, nutritious, whole-grain goodness – cleverly disguised as a beautiful loaf of bread – just waiting to dazzle you with […]

Eastvale: Create a Valentine’s Day to Remember

By Nicole Gilles, RD, CDE, CSR Have you ever wondered what would really make your Valentine happy? You’ve tried the chaotic restaurant scene in the past, only to leave feeling uncomfortably full, tired, and stressed from the overcrowded restaurant and crazy parking lot. This Valentine’s Day, show how much you care through actions instead of […]

Are We Making Food A “Four-Letter Word”?

By K.P. Sander Eastvale – They say, ‘You Are What You Eat’, but what if I don’t want to be Potassium Bromate? What if Butylated Hydroxyanisol gives me the creeps (after all, “butylated” sounds like “mutilated”)? In today’s world of high technology and instant gratification, have we microwaved ourselves into a toxic nightmare of diseases, […]